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How Intelligent Are Cats?

Updated on September 18, 2011


Cat Intelligance

Cats are extremely intelligent. If they appear less responsive than dogs, it's their show of independence that occasionally deters prompt cooperation. It's impossible to consistently call a cat to your side. He would come only when he feels like it. If his mood coincides with yours, he will be pleased to respond. If you stand at the door calling "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty," he will answer when he is ready to come in. If not, leave it. A cat will mull over a situation before plunging into it. He will cautiously analyze a height or width prior to attempting to reach it. Before going outside, he would pause at the door (unless he's desperate) to be sure there are no things that go bump in the night. The heat loss that his caution produces in mid-winter is minimal, but his analytic nature can't be hurried. In more tormenting situations you can stand with the door open, breathlessly expecting his next move. If, still, his survey notices foul weather, disagreeably cold temperatures, or an unseen creature, he backs off altogether.

Some folks allege cats have a sense of humor. Having the egocentricity of superstars, they are more concerned with their own image of dignity and beauty than rattling off one-liners like stand-up comics. Due to their high intelligence, cats could be trained to do tricks. However, a cat won't do anything that might make him look like a fool. They don't get too old to play, but if the game gets ridiculous, they will stop.

Contrary to dogs who regard certain musical tones irritating, cats are music lovers. They'll walk across the keys of a piano and produce their own music, or if they're unfeigned groupies, they'll hang out near the piano when somebody is playing and purr contentedly as they listen. Cats make a terrific audience.

These are the things you can anticipate from your cat. He will ask very little from you reciprocally. Outside of the normal care that his dependence demands, he wants the sound of your voice, a bit of attention (at his discretion), and the warmth of your presence.

How to Toilet Train Your Cat

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