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How To Bond With Your Sugar Glider

Updated on December 27, 2009
Sugar Gliders Are One Of The Greatest Pets Ever
Sugar Gliders Are One Of The Greatest Pets Ever

Bonding with your new Sugar Glider or Sugar Gliders is very important and you really do need to keep two sugar gliders together. Both you and the sugar gliders will be happier if you keep two sugar gliders instead of one.

The process of bonding with your sugar gliders can seem slow and pointless but you will be rewarded for your efforts.

But first of all learn everything possible about sugar gliders before you ever purchase one. If at all possible visit some one who already has sugar gliders as pets. Be sure that a sugar glider or a pair of sugar gliders is what you really want. Use Google , the internet and the public library to learn everything possible about sugar gliders. CLICK HERE to see and read more about sugar gliders.

Cut a piece of fleece material up into several small squares and sleep with these cut up fleece squares and keep them in your pockets for several days. You want your smell to get onto these fleece squares. Have your cage ready for your sugar gliders before you bring them home and in their nest box place one or two of the fleece squares with your scent on them in the nest box.

Make a bonding bag out of fleece with a drawstring or zipper and it should have a string to go around your neck. Pick up your sugar gliders and put them into the bonding bag. Put it around your neck with them in it and wear them around your neck with them in the bag on your way home. Transfer them to their cage and leave the bonding bag in the cage. For an hour or so every day put them in the bag and wear them around your neck. Talk quietly to them through the pouch and always place the pouch back in their cage before you open it. By now they should be sleeping in the bonding pouch and becoming really used to you.

Now you can start to give them a treat of a very small piece of fruit in the palm of your hand and get them used to coming to the palm of your hand and climbing over your hand. Use caution here because if the juice dribbles on your hand the sugar glider may give you a nip. Fix up the room they are living in so they can not get out of it and start to let them play more and more in that room. Keep the bonding pouch around your neck and open so they can return there when they want to. Spend at least one hour a day in the room with them at this point and they will bond with you and become so sweet and tame.

And below is a great video on how to bond with your sugar glider that everyone should watch. Plus some other sugar glider videos with great information.

How To Bond With Your Sugar Gliders

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Do you have a Sugar Glider? Tell us about your Sugar Glider. Post your comments , tips , suggestions , and questions below.

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