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How To Care For Aging Dogs

Updated on June 24, 2014

Dogs Are Just Like People

Unfortunately our best friends - dogs live much shorter than us, and because of that we should prepare to care for them, as they age, to be able to provide them with the most comfortable life when they get older.

The time when a dog begins to age depends on a breed and living conditions. Larger breeds start to age the fastest, when they are about 7-8 years old. Smaller dogs, up to 10 kg, age after completing approximately 11 years of age.

Older dogs get more quiet, than they used to be, and tend to sleep more. They often begin to suffer from arthritis, which causes mobility problems, and aching with every movie. In addition, they may start loosing their vision and hearing, and may develop problems with digestive system and urinary tract - just like people!

Enjoying His Birthday :-)


How To Make Your Dog Comfortable

What to do to make your best friend feel comfortable and loved at this stage of his life?

You will need to ensure that he has a quiet and warm place to rest. The best would be a sunny spot, far from drafts, because even a common cold could be dangerous.

Make sure you still take you buddy on plenty of walks, because he still needs exercise to feel happy and healthy.

A very important part of caring for an elderly dog is a properly balanced diet. Buy food specifically designed for seniors, with just the right amount of vitamins and minerals. To make sure your dog's diet is appropriate, you may want to check with your veterinarian before introducing any new food to your best friend. Also, pay attention to your buddy's weight, since extra pounds can be dangerous for your dog's joint health.

It is very important to remember to take care of his teeth: brush them a few times a week, and let him play with toys designed to clean dog's teeth.

Another vital thing to focus on at this stage of your dog's life are regular vet visits. The doctor will instruct you how often you should come for a check up, and will recommend a treatment, if needed.

Show Him Some Love

One more thing: do not get upset, when you pet has an "accident" at home! He may become more awkward, and doesn't do it on purpose. Make sure to show him kindness and love - that is the time when you can repay him for all of the unconditional love he showered you with his entire life.

Lovin' His Toys


And Now - Just For Fun - Some Dog Facts:

Did you know?

  • Dogs have feelings, too! Canines show agitated behavior when they see other dogs getting treats, while they are left in the dust. Yes, ma'am - it's called jealousy!
  • In ancient China, people used to keep warm by putting dogs up their sleeves. Hahaha, I love this one!
  • According to legend, the dog rescued on Noah's Ark was the Afghan Hound.
  • Fifty-eight percent of dog owners include their dogs in their annual holiday photos - I know I do!

To read more interesting and fun facts about man's best friend's go to:

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