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How to Care for A Timid Dog

Updated on January 3, 2011

I have two wonderful dogs. One of them is fearless, and the other is petrified. Chance is my "Timid" dog. My husband found an ad on craigslist about year ago for a pitbull boxer mix. We went and saw him, and as soon as I laid eyes on him I knew he was meant to be mine. The only thing that the previous owners neglected to tell us was that something had happened to my pup. Now this is only speculation, but we assume that they beat him. He is very fearful of men, and as soon as anyone yells he goes running. However, there has been a major transformation in him since we took him in. Now that he sees he has a family who loves him and will not hurt him, hes doing a lot better.

How to Care for A Timid Dog

I've learned from owning a timid dog that all you can truly do is completely surround them in love. The more love I show him, the more comfortable he seems to get. When we first got him if we left him unattended at all he'd take off running. I spent many mornings running down the street after him half awake and half clothed. However, I never yelled when he'd finally come to me, and I'd always tell him he was good for coming home. Now, he can go outside just fine without being an escape artist. When I first realized this, I was absolutely charmed. For so long he had wanted to leave, but now he was happy enough to stay.

When he is fearful or excited he pees. This has gotten significantly better, but still happens occasionally. Not really when my husband or I are home, but when people come to visit. Over time though he has learned that its alright, and no one will hurt him. He knows that his mommy won't let anything bad happen to him, and I tell him this on a regular basis.

The only other issue we had with him is that he would not eat, and looked very small. We couldn't figure out what was wrong for so long, and were very worried about him. We them realized that he was missing his two back teeth, and the dry food was too hard for him to eat. I have no idea where those two back teeth of his went, but I feel terrible for not realizing it sooner. Hes put on about 10lbs now that hes eating a mixture of dry and wet dog food. My little guy is getting buff!

With a timid dog, all you can do is be patient. Especially a timid dog who you took in. In my opinion it is something like a foster child. Of course the case isn't as severe, but you need to understand their background. They need constant love, and appreciation. You can never make a timid dog feel as though they're in danger. Chance is really the second love my life. When my husband was deployed he slept next to me each and every night with his head on the pillow. I don't know what I'd do with out him, and I will continue to make him see that hes in a safe place.


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