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Save Money, Make Your Own Laundry Soap.

Updated on January 3, 2011

I found this recipe for laundry soap while I was scouring the web. I bought all the necessary supplies and made myself a nice batch. I can honestly say that it works just as well as designer laundry soap. I go through a lot of laundry soap, maybe I have an obsession? I don't know. Its the same with dish soap as well (the crappy thing about not having a dish washer). So, I figured this may come in handy for those in search of a cheaper way to wash clothes. You can make a bunch of this stuff, and use it for significantly longer then you would other soap. I love DIY, and I LOVE saving money. So this one was perfect for me!

Laundry Soap Recipe:

1 Bar of soap, any kind works. I personally used Dial, but you can use what ever you'd like (around $1)

1 Box Washing Soda. I found this in the detergent isle at Kroger. It was about 3.00 for 55oz

1 Large bucket with a lid (about $5)

Steps to Making Laundry Soap:

1. Get a large pain. Shave down the bar of soap until it is completely dissolved in the water (do not let boil).

2. Put three gallons of hot water into your bucket (this is based on if your bucket is a 5 gallon bucket) and add one cup of washing soda and stir. Allow to sit for a few hours or more to allow the mixture to cool before use. 

You need to use around a cup of this stuff for each load. This should be enough soap for about 48 washes. This means, for around 10 dollars (less after you remake it, and reuse your bucket), you're capable of doing 48 washes! Substantially less then you would spend on regular detergent. Enjoy!


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    • medor profile image

      medor 7 years ago from Michigan, USA

      excellent... i taught Home Economics for years and this topic came up all the time about laundry detergents and how much to use... and how to make your own... so cool. thanks so much