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How to Have a Pet while Living in an RV

Updated on November 29, 2014

Pets in an RV

How to Have a Pet while Living in an RV

Do you love to travel in your RV? Do you have a pet that you just can’t leave behind? Take them with you! It is that simple, with just a little planning your beloved pet can travel with you anywhere you want to go. For years now I have taken my two and now three dogs with me when we go camping. Not only can you take them just for camping I know people who live the RV life on the road with their pets it really is no different than living with them at home. I have noticed cats in some RVs, it’s funny to see them lying in the window as they travel down the road. Once we had some people in the campsite next to us and they had a pot bellied pig in their RV. Many that I have talked to went to an RV just so they could have their pets with them. In campgrounds that I have stayed at I would have to say just about everyone has some kind of pet.

Do you want to live in your RV long term? Your pets can still go and live with you. All you need is a little planning. In reality it isn’t much different than living in a house with them. Yes, the RV is smaller and it moves but we can make concessions for that. The key here is freedom, the reason so many people decide to live out of their RV is simple, freedom. Staying organized is important when living in an RV especially when you travel with children or pets. RVs and pet go together naturally, as I said many people choose to RV just to take their pets with them. It is important that you first get your pet use to the RV so they will have an easier time getting ready for life on the road. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Remember it is possible to travel with your pet; organization is the key, RVs and pet go together naturally

2. set your RV up for your pet (litter box, crate, toys, favorite bed and so on)

3. Keep your pets vaccination certificates with you

4. Keep clutter put away, loose items make for projectiles when traveling and can injure your pet.

5. Travel with your pet is fun and convenient

6. make sure you have

proper ventilation for your pet, heat and air conditioning

7. If you will be away from your RV for an extended amount of time have someone you trust check on your pet

8. Fresh water available (bottled water is best)

9. Pet carrier or crate for your pet’s safety

10. Take pets medical records with you

11. Keep a recent, color picture of your pet on hand in case they get lost

12. be sure to take their flea, tick and heartworm meds with you

13. Pet first aid kit

14. Keep you veterinarian’s phone number with you

15. When you arrive where you are going get the phone number for the local vet, just in case

16. Do a daily health check on your pet, travel can be stressful?

17. Stop often to let your pet relieve themselves and exercise

18. make sure you take a leash

19. Dog collar that provides your name, pet’s name, address, cell phone number and your email

20. Grooming tools, toys and treats are a must

21. for cats, extra litter and a litter box

22. Plasic bags to clean up after your pet

23. Old towels just in case you need them

24. Call ahead to make sure the campground you want to stay at accepts pets

As I have said before it seems that RVs and pets just go together naturally. It may be a little extra work but it is worth taking your best friend with you. There is absolutely no reason not to combine your love and freedom of living in your RV with your love of your pets.

Happy Travels!

Velzipmur aka Shelly Wyatt

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