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How to Groom Your Cat and Remove Excess Cat Hair and Fur With a Slicker Brush and the Furminator

Updated on May 21, 2012

So You Want to Groom Me?

How to Groom Your Cat and Remove Cat Hair and Fur With the Furminator

We love our cats but there is one thing all cat lovers need to know and that is how to groom our cat and remove cat hair balls and fur balls with a slicker brush and the Furminator. Our cats are furry little beasts and through no fault of their own, their fur tends to fly everywhere. Thank goodness we are clean freaks to some extent, it has made us look for the best possible way to keep the cat fur at bay.

Besides keeping the flying fur to a minimum, grooming your cat will reduce the amount of hair balls and fur balls your cats cough up. I know cleaning cat barf is not my favorite thing to do and probably not yours either. Regular cat grooming will not only reduce those disturbing moments but will keep the fur from flying all over your home and also make your cat feel much better. Your cats will thank you in the way only cats can.

So lets get started then, the steps to groom your cat and remove cat hair balls and fur balls before they can start are just what your cat needs.

By the way, your cat may not approve of your decision to groom them initially. That's why it's important to have those special treats ready, you know, whatever their favorite snack is. Believe it or not you can out smart your cat, just don't let them know you're on to them.

How to Comb Your Cat

The Tools For Cat Grooming - Claw Trimmer, Comb, Slicker Brush, Furminator and a Dirty Shirt

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How to Slicker Brush Your Cat

What Tools Do I need to Groom My Cat

The right tools can always make the job easier, doen't matter what job you're doing. In this case we will be grooming our cat, but not the way the cats groom themselves. That would leave a bad taste in my mouth and I'm sure your's as well.

Believe it or not the first tools you will need are a couple of old towels and a garbage can or bag. You will not believe just how much fur comes out of those little critters when they are groomed properly. Then next thing you will need are some old clothes to wear. If done right, you should be covered in cat fur by the time you complete the Furmination.

The other tools you will need are a good grooming comb for cats, a slicker brush, and of course the Furminator. Oh and one other thing, you will also need a good set of claw trimmers. I would highly recommend using the claw trimmers first, just in case.

Time to Remove Those Cat Hair Balls and Fur Balls

Once you have trimmed your kitty's claws, you are now ready to start grooming your cat. You may want to groom your cat at least an hour after the claw trimming. This will give your cat time to forgive you... With your grubby clothes on and a couple of old towels spread out over the floor, gently hold your cat in a standing or sitting position while you run a steel comb through its fur. You won't have much control over whether your cat sits or stands, so don't worry too much if they don't listen to your attempts of gentle persuasion.

The combing will server to remove any knots, hair balls and fur balls on the outside, before they happen on the inside. Gently pull the comb through the cats fur a little at a time to avoid any pulling. I find it works best if when I angle the comb and pull against the natural path of the fur growth.

Now the fun begins. The cats generally really enjoy being groomed and will come back for more as long as your gentle with them. The Furminator is great at removing all the fine loose cat hair from underneath. Essentially the Furminator thins the cats fur in dramatic fashion. Simple pull the Furminator through your cats fur in little jagged motions. You will want to go over some areas a few times, especially where your cats fur is the thickest. Some cats have extremely thick and long fur compared to others but don't be fooled. We have a shorter haired cat and two cats with thicker and longer fur. After the Furmination is complete, its like I've got three more cats in the room. Even the shorter haired cat cast her shadow in a giant mound of fur.

This is why you should groom your cats on the floor. When your done, there is fur everywhere. The towels help keep the loose fur localized. The trick is to gather the loose fur during regular intervals and immediately place it in a garbage bag or can beside you, otherwise a gentle breeze might make you sneeze.

For the last step you will use the slicker brush to pull out any remaining loose fur left behind by the Furminator. Our cats love the feel of the slicker brush. If your cat was annoyed with the process of furmination, the slicker brush will restore their trust in you once more. Simply pull the slicker brush over top of your felines fur until the fur flies no more. this last step should only take a few minutes at most. Your cat is now ready for show, and now its time for a treat. No, not for you, for your cat silly. If you treat your kitty after each grooming, they will come running the next time you mention Furmintator!


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  • moonlake profile image

    moonlake 4 years ago from America

    We have one big white cat that whines. When he whines we comb him to calm him. I like the Furminato I have to check that out. I'm heading to Drs. Foster Smith Pet Supply today so I will look to see if they have it. Voted up.

  • carcro profile image

    Paul Cronin 5 years ago from Winnipeg

    Wow, I can't imagine having 17 cats. But I can certainly imagine how empty our home would be without the 3 we have. Our oldest cat is just like the pride mother you mentioned. She controls the roost, haha but we wouldn't have it any other way... Thanks for commenting Bob.

  • diogenes profile image

    diogenes 5 years ago from UK and Mexico

    Practical and well written guide on how to bleed oneself. once considered good for the health.

    Only kidding. I once had 17 cats and not one (well, one) ever clawed me, they didn't dare claw alfa cat!

    Which one? The pride mother who thought of herself as my equal and attacked me once when I brought home a puppy!

    The puppy went.

    I don't have any cats now and how I miss those days.