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How to Take Good Cat Pictures

Updated on December 29, 2009

How to Take Great Cat Pictures

The best pictures of cats are caught without using the flash. Good natural lighting will get you the best pictures of your favorite feline. If you must use a flash, try to take the picture at an angle to avoid red-eye from the flash being directly in the cat's eye.

Taking pictures of a cat in bright, natural, light is best because the pupil is constricted and more of the cats eye color will be seen. The best time to take pictures of a cat is during the first or last hour of sunlight. Usually, the light during mid-day is too harsh and prohibits capturing the true colors and highlights of your cat's eyes and coat.

Get on the same level as your cat, and be sure you do not cut off the ears, feet or tail. Attention to details will produce the best pictures.

Using a backdrop will keep your cat as the subject and get you the best pictures. Choose backdrop cloths in colors that compliment and enhance your cat's eye and coat color. Solid color backdrops are usually best to keep unwanted clutter out of the picture. This is a picture of your cat, not the buildings, people or clutter in the background.

Getting the cat's attention can be difficult. You can use treats, but sometimes treats invite your cat to come towards you once they learn what's in that baggie, can, or box. Toys that rattle, or are attached to a stick, such as feathers or sparkling, moving strands seem to work the best. Remember cats are attracted and respond to crunchy sounds and moving objects,

Try to capture your cats personality and mood in your pictures. Cats, like children, can have short attention spans, and often get bored with the whole sitting still thing, and might just curl up and take a nap.

So, how to professional photographers get those wonderful pictures of cats? They take lots and lots of photos; often 100 photos will boil down to just 2 or 3 great pictures. Talk to your cat, praise him or her, and keep up the interest level. Never scold or insist them remain in one pose, this will just alienate them from you, and you'll lose any interest or attentiveness the cat might have.


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