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Importance Spaying and Neutering Your Cats

Updated on October 11, 2011

What does it mean to have you cat “fixed?”

Assuming that you're not a breeder and your cat will be a family pet, before it's a year old you would be sensible to have it "fixed." Having your cat fixed isn't the same thing as having your car repaired. Fixing, also called altering, neutering, or spaying, is a simple sterilization procedure, and once achieved the animal's original gender isn't that important. Their personalities no longer appear to be as diverse as those of a whole male or female.

So how do you tell one gender of a cat from the other? Given that the differences in a small kitten are elusive, and unless you're getting your kitten from a seasoned breeder, it is quite hard to determine the sex of this small animal. A lot of people have made an appointment to have their male cat neutered only to find out at the vet's that it required to be spayed instead.

Even so, if you want to be sure, here's what you could do. The male sex organs would look like two dots or a colon (:) below its tail, while the female would resemble an inverted exclamation mark (i). Whether you have a male or female, when it is fixed it would return the same kind of love and adapt equally well to you and your family.

When your new cat isn't fixed, it would be quite simple to decide whether it is a male or female. When it is a (i), it will have kittens. If it is a (:), it will spray all over your drapes and furniture if its sex urges are foiled. Both these pitfalls can be fended off by listening to the professional advice of your veterinarian.

Breeding is best entrusted to breeders. In 7 years one female cat and her kittens can make 420,000 cats. For this reason sterilization is suggested by veterinarians and every animal welfare organization. Too often, exuberant parents get a female kitten so they can show their three-year-old the process of reproduction. Both cats than dogs in the United States are currently in overpopulation. It looks unfair to bring about another litter of either as a science lesson. A whole lot of them, when not adopted are put to sleep.

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