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Want To Keep Your Rat's Fur Silky Soft & Shiny?

Updated on January 17, 2011
My little brother with his rat Starlight!
My little brother with his rat Starlight!

How To Keep A Rat's Fur Shiny!

Rats are known for their soft, silky fur... it's pleasurable to the touch and makes the critter perfect to hold and cuddle with. Which is the top reason rats are chosen as the top rodent pets, for people of all ages.

What a lot of people don't know is that in order for a rat to keep it's soft and silky fur they will need a couple of things, these things really help to keep their fur soft and healthy.

One thing that is easy to see as a first symptom if your pet rat is sick or unhappy is their fur, if the rat is unhealthy/unhappy their fur will often times get brisley and prickly... more like hard straws then soft silk.

Please keep reading on if you would like to learn more about the care for rat's fur.

Why Rat's Fur Can Get Rough...

This is often because rats will stop tending for themselves, stop bathing... and cleaning their fur. The other reason this happens with the rats fur is that they are not getting sufficient nutrition.

Without certain bits of nutrition that rats often get in their food, their fur doesn't get the proper nutrition and therefor it doesn't get silky soft, or have a glowing shine to their fur... in this case their fur gets hard, brisley, will often stick together... and look ragged.

What Rats Need...

Rats need a balanced diet to get the proper nutrition, this seems like something a lot of you have heard before... and already know... however, if that is the case and you are implying this balanced diet then you wouldn't be learning how to keep your rat's fur coat soft and silky. :)

A rat also needs tending and loving care to keep their fur soft and shiny, if you are looking to keep your rats fur looking it's best then you may want to consider brushing your rat's fur, improving your rat's diet, and sometimes even bathing your rat is in order when your rat just isn't feeling up to tending for it's self.

This is my rat Blue, she passed away last year.
This is my rat Blue, she passed away last year.

Dietary Needs

Dietary needs for a rat are basic knowledge... however, ensuring that you are feeding your rat a balanced diet is sometimes harder.... you forget to give them something they need or you just don't have the time to keep up on all of this. Rat's need: Rat Food Pellets Raw Vegetables Raw Fruits Unsalted & Unflavored Nuts and Seeds

Remembering that citrus like lemons, oranges, limes, grapefruit, are all not great for rats to eat... it is something that can damage their immune system, and therefor lead to this unwanted ruff, scratchy fur. 

Lettuce Does The Trick!

Lettuce is something that always made my rat's fur softer within a few days... if not sooner. Lettuce is an easy vegetable to give them, and when I say lettuce I mean either Romain Green Leaf Red Leaf Not, Iceberg lettuce, as this lettuce has little nutrition in it meaning that it will add little value to your rat's health.

Ending Note:

Here are things a lot of people forget will help their rat's fur... and even the relationship with their rat:

  • A Balanced Diet 
  • Brushing A Rat's Fur With A Specially Made Rodent Brush Petting Your Rat, This Will Actually Help Keep Their Fur Healthy! 
  • Consistant Rough Fur After The Rest Is Met, Could Be A Sign Of Disease Or Mites/Bugs That Can Harm Your Rat If Not Treated For. 

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    • profile image

      paris barlow 6 years ago

      this really helps because i have three rats and one of them if a girls and she eats more than the to boys and her fur is miles softer than the other to