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A Dog Lost and Alone in France

Updated on April 25, 2015


Scraggy’s story Continues

We looked after a small dog called Scraggy for six months until his pet passport was in order and he could be reunited with his owners who had returned to England to live.

Looking after Scraggy for the six months is the subject of a previous Hubpage called 'How do you introduce a new dog into the home?'

This is the second part of Scraggy’s story, and it takes place after he left us to go back to his owners in England.

We had Scraggy living with us for six months and if you have ever looked after someone else’s pet you will know what a huge responsibility this is.

All of us in our house are dog lovers and although we loved having Scraggy with us for six months it was a great relief to us all that nothing untoward had happened to him while he was in our care.

Scraggy’s owner Travis is a tough man who is afraid of nothing, but when it comes to his dog, he is very much like most pet owners, a real softy.

Scraggy and Sue

Chain Reactions

This is Scraggy with Sue as you can see he is a real little cutie but like all small dogs he would yap at the smallest excuse.

He barked at anything and anyone, and when he started barking our Zac who is normally a very quiet dog would then join in, which in turn set off Rocky who is next doors Alsatian.

It was like watching a chain reaction or should I say hearing a chain reaction going off. Once these three started it would set the five dogs off in the big house about three hundred yards away which in turn set the three dogs in the nearby finca off which set the two dogs off just down the valley.

Living out in the country side when it is a still night sound carries down the valley really well so the two dogs down the valley would set the three dogs off across the valley which set off the dogs on the outskirts of the village which in turn set off the dogs in the village,

One small dog yaps outside our house and it sets off a chain reaction that no doubt spread through the village out the other side and started the dogs off on the other side of the village too.

Once it was set in motion there was no way to stop this chain reaction the barking would have to die down in its own time which normally took about five minutes.

It was not too bad if this happened during the day but my son who worked late often let Scraggy and Zac out last thing at night which, could be as late as four in the morning, then it was a different story.

If it was nice and quite when my son let them out, which it always was at that time of night then Scraggy would often just start things rolling with a few un provoked barks.

As the barks ricochet down the valley echoing from the mountains on three sides he would trot back to the house feeling pleased with himself it was mission accomplished.

As much as I loved little Scraggy I was really pleased to see the back of all the noise that he generated. It was amazing the amount of noise such a little dog makes and unfortunately causes others to make.


The pick up from the house

Travis had made arrangements to have Scraggy returned to the UK via a Pet Carrier and everything went according to plan. The carrier arrived at the house in a van with a trailer and they picked up Scraggy along with his toys leads and halter and other bits and they placed him in the van.

My husband warned the man that he had to be extra careful with Scraggy. Given the slightest opportunity Scraggy would do a runner. We warned him not to let Scraggy out anywhere unless he had his lead on.

My husband gave all the documentation we had for Scraggy which just left one more shot for the dog to have but it must be given no more than twenty four hours before he arrives in England.

The drive from Orcheta where we live to the port where the ferry departs is more than a 24 hour drive. Possibly even longer than 24 hours if you have pets on board.

With animals onboard they would have to stop to let the dogs out for a toilet break and to exercise them also the dogs would need to be fed and watered.

Arrangements had been made for Scraggy to visit the vet in a village in France not far from the ferry port so that his last shot could be given before he boarded the ferry to England.

A Blow Dry for Scraggy

Handed over to the Carrier safe and sound

The Pet Carrier set off in their van from our house at about nine thirty on the Wednesday night. They were going to drive from Spain down through France to the port of departure in Calais.

The Pet Carrier's van left us with Scraggy safely loaded onboard along with about ten other dogs who were also returning to the UK.

On the Saturday we were sat chatting about how Scraggy must be back home in England by now when the phone began to ring we thought that it was Travis ringing to tell us that Scraggy had finally arrived home safely.

However it was not Travis who was on the phone but the Pet Carrier telling us that Scraggy had got free and was lost somewhere in France.

Lost and alone somewhere in France

The phone call from the Pet Carrier saying that Scraggy had run away and was lost and alone somewhere in France was really devastating.

Needless to say Travis who had been waiting in the UK for Scraggy to be returned home was beside himself with worry.

We were all devastated that Scraggy had gotten loose from the Pet Carrier and was now lost somewhere in France and all alone.

After getting the distressing news Travis immediately loaded up his car to drive to France to help in the search for his missing dog Scraggy.

We couldn’t believe that the so-called professionals could lose a dog that had been entrusted into their care. The poor little thing was lost and alone in a foreign country where there was nowhere familiar and nobody familiar.

The Pet Carrier went on local radio appealing for anyone who had seen Scraggy to get in touch.

We emailed the Pet Carrier some photos of Scraggy after he had gone missing and the Pet Carrier also had the photos that we had sent with Scraggy for his owner Travis. The Carrier printed up a load of posters with Scraggy’s photograph on it and details of his disappearance. These posters were distributed in the local area around where Scraggy had gone missing.

The carrier had to leave the village with Scraggy still lost and alone somewhere in the French countryside. It was necessary for the carrier to leave because he had a van full of pets returning to the UK all with time sensitive injections and it was vital that he got them all on board before that time limit expired.

Scraggy had run off when the carrier had stopped off at the Village so that Scraggy could have his last shots before boarding the ferry. The Pet Carrier regularly used the vet in this village because of his proximity to the Port.

One shot has to be given at least twelve hours before going on the ferry but not more than twenty four hours before so it was quiet a small window in which Scraggy could receive this shot.

The Village where Scraggy got free is really no more than a tiny hamlet. Once free Scraggy had bolted off into the surrounding countryside and was lost from view very quickly.

Scraggy was eventually found about twenty kilometres from where he went missing. When he was found he was cold, shivering and wet sheltering under some bushes in a wooded area.

An old lady who is one of the neighbours of the Pet Carrier’s local representatives in the small French village where Scraggy had gone missing saw Scraggy cowering there under the bushes and she had recognized him from the posters.

When Scraggy was found he was very tired, hungry, cold and wet and he was suffering from badly bruised feet and small cuts. Scraggy soon recovered from all these things and physically was none the worse for his little unscheduled adventure.

Travis arrived at the village and picked up Scraggy and he took Scraggy back home not daring to trust the little dog that he thought he had lost forever into anyone’s care other than his own.

Home safe and sound

When they arrived safely back in England we had a phone call from Travis and Kerry to say that Scraggy had at last arrive home and was happily playing as though nothing had happened. Scraggy may be small but he is also very resilient.

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    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 6 years ago from Sunny Spain

      Hi Karen thanks for coming to read about Scraggy, I am glad that you enjoyed it :-)

    • profile image

      playtimeforMIMA 6 years ago

      What a great story this is! I am so glad it ended happily!

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 8 years ago from Sunny Spain

      Scraggy certainly has a large personality, and he would bark at anything and everything lol, and he is really cute.

    • oliversmum profile image

      oliversmum 8 years ago from australia

      Hi. Maggs24. what a wonderful ending to what must have been traumatic for this little guy, I believe little dogs sometimes think that they are 10 feet tall,I loved reading about Scraggy, he looks delightful, well the barking that's another story. Thank you.:) :)

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 8 years ago from Sunny Spain

      Hi K@ri I am glad you enjoyed reading about Scraggy yes he is a cute little thing but there was nothing cute about the chain reaction he caused in the early hours of the morning lol

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 8 years ago from Sunny Spain

      Hi Rose thanks for leaving your comment it was really special for me to have you come and read this page. Glad to hear things are good for you I will write to you soon.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      I am very glad Scraggy was found! What a cute little dog he is. I liked the part about his starting a chain reaction...I can just hear it echoing along. :)

    • profile image

      Rose braithwaite 8 years ago

      hi maggie i hope you are all well and your life in spain is all good its been along time i live in bournemouth now its nice to be back home not far from the sea the boys are doing ok i talk to danelle a lot more now still along way to go with danielle

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 8 years ago from Sunny Spain

      ripplemaker thanks for the info and the visit. I am so excited at having a hub chosen I have started emailing friends it would be so cool to be included in the Hubpages newsletter I just hope that I can muster up enough votes lol

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Hi maggs, the name Scraggy made me smile. My best friend had a dog with the same name. But he already passed away but have been with their family for a long time. He was a playful dog too.  Glad to know your Scraggy was alright.  :-)

      I'm also announcing to you (just in case you didn't know yet) that this hub is chosen as one of the 15 Hubnuggets Nominees for this week!  Check this link:

      There you will find the details and the information about the Hubnuggets.  You can vote for your hub and email your friends to vote for you too.  Non hubbers can vote.  And the top 5 can have the chance to be part of the Hubpages newsletter.  Enjoy the nuggets and good luck!  


    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 8 years ago from Sunny Spain

      HeSaidSheSaid Yes Scraggy is gorgeous it is hard to believe but until Travis took him in he was a street dog abandoned by someone and left on his own to cope. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    • HeSaid SheSaid profile image

      HeSaid SheSaid 8 years ago from our favorite love seat

      Oh my what a heart stopper this is.  Scraggy is a gorgeous little one.  I bet you'll miss him. ~Naddy

    • maggs224 profile image

      maggs224 8 years ago from Sunny Spain

      thanks Candie I had to do a little rewrite of the end got things a little in the wrong order, my son pointed it out hopefully it reads a little better now. We thought he was gone for good France is a huge place and twenty odd kilometers is a long was for a small dog with such little legs lol

    • Candie V profile image

      Candie V 8 years ago from Whereever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

      Wow, wonderful ending!! What a blessing you even found the little guy, the odds were HUGE against it. Yeah!!! Thank you!!!