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Love Animals? Check Out These Cool Jobs!

Updated on February 10, 2010
Vet Techs assist the Veterinarian!
Vet Techs assist the Veterinarian!

Veterinary Technologist

Veterinary technologists (also known as vet techs) are basically the veterinarian's right hand man. In fact, they serve the same purpose as a nurse might in a human doctor's office. Though vet techs require much shorter training than a full fledged veterinarian they get to do much of what the vet actually does! Vet techs are often responsible for procedures such as x-rays, injections, drawing of blood and assisting during surgeries. There are approximately four veterinary technologist job opportunities for every one vet tech graduate in the United States. Unfortunately, the starting salary is somewhat poopy (sorry, I couldn't resist). The average starting salary for a vet tech is $28,000 and goes up with experience.

Dog Trainer

Do you want to become the next "Dog Whisperer?" If so, then you should become a dog trainer! If you have the patience to teach rambunctious, puppies how to behave then dog training could be the career for you! Though most states do not have specific licensure requirements, obviously, you should "know your stuff" when it comes to training canines. The best way for YOU to train is to visit professional dog trainers in your area and watch how they work. Ask questions and take notes! For more information about becoming a dog trainer, please visit the American dog Trainer's Network. Salary for this career depends on your experience, reputation, and how many clients you have. In other words…if you are an excellent dog trainer and word "gets around," you have the potential to make good money!

Dog Groomer

So you want to cut hair…dog hair, that is! Becoming a dog groomer takes time. So be prepared to enroll in a pet grooming school. There are on-line training courses available, however, hands-on training is MUCH better and highly recommended. Pet groomers obviously need to have good "doggie skills" as well as people skills (dealing with pet owners can be a challenge!). If you are interested in the world of dog grooming it is a good idea to get your toes wet by getting a job as a dog bather or grooming assistant. While grooming dogs can be fun and interesting, it can also have its down side. For example, shaving an angry, large, English Sheep Dog may be difficult. Over all, if you love animals (especially dogs), have a great deal of patience, and motivation, dog grooming just may be the perfect career for you!

Animal Control Officer

If you watch the Animal Planet, then you have probably seen Animal Cops. Animal Cops portrays animal control officers doing what they do best….helping abused and abandoned animals! Not only do animal control officers help animals, they assist the public as well …so it helps if you are a "people person" too. In fact, they often deal with people in "emotionally charged" situations; therefore, it is important to have patience, good communication skills and the ability to handle animals (and people) in a safe and skillful manner. Animal control officers do many things (trust me when I say that this is NOT a boring career choice). They protect the public from dangerous animals, investigate reports of abuse and neglect and inspect animal related business (such as pet stores, grooming facilities and even circuses). They also play an important role when it comes to educating the public about spaying, neutering and adoption programs. If you are interested in becoming an animal control officer the best thing to do is get a job at a veterinarian clinic or volunteer at an animal shelter. It is also a good idea to take some animal science and criminal justice courses. For more information about this fantastic and exciting career, please visit the National Animal Control Association for more information!

So there you have it, four cool careers all having to do with animals in one way or another. Life is short. Choosing a career that makes you feel as if you truly make a difference is very important! Good luck!

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