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Man Eaten Alve by Anaconda Snake in Brazil.

Updated on January 2, 2014

In Brazil the anacondas are not fussy about what they have for lunch. Even a boy who happened to fall asleep on the bank of a river. One can only imagine the horror of this boy as he awoke to find himself being slowly swallowed by a giant anaconda snake!

The crew of the boat who caught the snake, did not know what they had found until they cut open the snake and looked inside.

Nature is cruel. There are no two ways about it. Everything in nature is FOOD for something else in nature. It is the hard truth of reality which most people do not want to face. But the food chain is what sustains the world and ultimately what sustains us.

The boy was just good food for the snake. The snake will become food for snake eaters of various types. That's the way it goes. Scary...the world we live in!

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Be Aware!

Death by inhalation--or to put it simply--swallowing. Videos exist of both people eating live animals and animals eating live people! If the movie is original and authentic it may be of a crocodile that attacked an animal and ate it, but if it is a boa constrictor who lurks outside taking note of something like a man who looks tasty, he will try to quickly make the man his featured meal of the day if he can and thus begins the tragedy of the snake and man who did not learn to heed the news that if you do not want to be in the next film on youtube that makes people-eating snakes popular, he should be aware--be VERY aware--of the snake in the grass.

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Eaten Alive Illustrations

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A surfer eaten alive by a shark in Australia


A surfer has been cut in half and eaten alive by a shark on the west coast of Australia recently during the fifth deadly attack in less than a year in this region, it was learned from witnesses and official sources.

The young man of twenty years, surfed with a friend Saturday morning near Wedge Island, north of Perth, when he was mauled by a shark. A man who was jet- ski with two surfers described on the ABC television macabre scene of the attack which left the victim only "half of the torso."

"There was blood everywhere while a great white shark circled the body," he explained assessing as four or five meters the size of the animal. Nothing could be found or located the remains of a young man of twenty years, said the police-investigators.

This is the fifth deadliest attack of its kind since September off the coast of Aussie-land which has been the locale of an unprecedented number of shark attacks. All beaches have been closed and fishermen actively seek for killer sharks to remove them. Experts are concerned about an increase in the number of attacks in Australia, due to the increase in population and of the water sports.


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    • profile image

      morgan 3 years ago

      that would be very scary to find your self face to face with that big of a snake that is slowly eating you alive but i think it thought he was dead will he is now thanks a lot snake

    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 6 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      tom: good point.

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 7 years ago from home


      Like I always say- nothing good happens in the woods-

      and the jungle is just woods with alot of rain and a swamp is a woods with alot of rain and poor drainage



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