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Updated on December 2, 2017
Mikey taking a nap
Mikey taking a nap

My dog

Mikey is the first dog we’ve had that is actually mine. He walks with me, sleeps with me, I feed him, and he protects me. Sometimes he’s a little too overprotective. He barks viciously at anyone who tries to enter my room. Sometimes he gets grouchy and acts mean, sometimes he barks too much, and he doesn’t much like people, but I still love him more than anything.

Baby Mikey

Mikey was born March 14, 2016. His mom, Coco, gave birth to him and his five siblings in a barn on the farm I used to live on. We brought them to our house in town to keep until they were old enough to give away. I begged my mom to keep one but it died. I was so sad and told my mom I didn’t want a puppy anymore. We end up keeping Mikey and now I can’t imagine life without him.

Young Puppy

Mikey was a bratty puppy. He would run around crazy and bark all the time. He tried to bite everyone and everything no matter how many times we scolded him. He got better over time but he still doesn’t like people. We should have socialized him more, but it’s too late now. We potty-trained him and taught him to play fetch. He enjoyed taking rides and sticking his head out the window. He would get outside and it would take us hours to catch him. He thought that it was all just a game, but he has gotten better about sneaking outside.

Mikey’s 1st Birthday

For Mikey’s first birthday I went all out. My family and I bought him presents. I made him decorations and put them up all over the living room. I baked him peanut butter “pupcakes.” He opened his presents while wearing a red party hat. He stuffed himself full of pupcakes and played a bit before taking a nap.

Present Day

Mikey will be two in a few months and I’ve already started to plan his birthday party. He is very exci for Christmas and winter. He’s getting a coat in the mail and he has a sweater and pajamas for Christmas in the closet. I got him some presents and he even has a stocking. I spoil Mikey a lot but it’s only because he’s an important part of my family.

Mikey sleeping on my bed
Mikey sleeping on my bed


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