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Should I Get a Mix-Breed or Pure Breed Dog?

Updated on May 13, 2011
Whitney05 profile image

Whitney has over 10 years of experience in dog training, rescuing and dog healthcare.

Getting a Dog

Probably the biggest question when you get a dog, is what breed should I get? Well, you really should consider mix breed dogs and pure breed dogs. There are benefits to both, to some extent.

First off, I want to make note that you can get a purebred dog without paying hundreds of dollars. There are many rescues and breed specific shelters that cater to one particular breed of dog. Plus, you can check out a regular pet shelter, and commonly find purebred dogs for adoption. You can adopt a pure breed dog, as well as mix-breed dogs.

If you are a little iffy about adopting a dog, you may want to check out this hub, about reasons to adopt a dog and myths about dog adoption.

Before you get a new dog, you want to make sure that you check out the different books about dogs, so that you can be prepared when house training, obedience training, health and medicine, as well as other aspects to owning and raising a dog.

Choosing a Dog

When picking a dog for you and your family, you want to weigh the pros and cons of the different dog breeds. You should never discount and dog breed because of the stories that you've heard on the television because with proper care, training, and socialization and dog breed can be a wonderful pet around children and anyone of any age in your family.

For more information about choosing a dog, you will want to check out "What Dog Breeds Make the Best Pets?" (link below) as you will find information and tips for picking a dog breed or a mix of a specific dog breed.

You will also want to check out "Breed Characteristics of the AKC Dog Groups" (link below) because typically, purebred and mix breed dogs will harbor the general characteristics of the breed group. By knowing what you may be getting into, you'll have a better idea as to which breed, or mix thereof, will be better for you and your family.

Pure Bred Dogo Argentina
Pure Bred Dogo Argentina
Terrier Mix Breed
Terrier Mix Breed

Pure Breed or Mix Breed Dilemma

When thinking about getting a new dog, you'll probably ask yourself do you want to get a pure bred dog or a mix bred dog. Well, there are actually pros and cons for both.

Pure Breed Dogs


  • You can determine the general characteristics of the puppy, or dog.
  • You can somewhat determine the health status and common health concerns for the dog.


  • Generally, purebred dogs have a shorter lifespan.
  • Generally, purebred dogs will have more health problems.
  • Can be expensive if you purchase from a breeder.

Mix Breed Dogs


  • There is an abundance of mix breed dogs at shelters and in the free classified column of the paper, so you generally have a wide selection of dogs and puppies to choose from.
  • They are generally better behaved dogs as they tend to get the good qualities of both, or all breeds involved in their making.
  • They typically have fewer health problems (this is highly variable).
  • They generally life a little longer (of course this is highly variable).


  • Sometimes it can be hard to determine what mix of breeds the dog is, so it can be hard to determine general behavior characteristics that a puppy may have as an adult.
  • Many times, you are not able to see the parents of the puppies, so you do now know their dispositions, as this can be a big part in the disposition of the puppies


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    • profile image

      ZACK 5 years ago


    • ed77burns profile image

      ed77burns 6 years ago from USA

      I also have dog at my home.His name is Blacky.He is of the species purebred.

    • profile image

      Hippy Plant 7 years ago

      I love purebred dogs!!!!

    • profile image

      samantha  7 years ago

      this was very helpful i had to wrire a report and this article has helped a lot thanks so much!!

    • toknowinfo profile image

      toknowinfo 7 years ago

      Smartly written and really informative. You covered a lot of great points and gives everyone choices the may not have thought of. Rated up.

    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      My daughter is researching puppy mills and she wanted to check out some of the hubs regarding getting a new dog. I'm posting her Mission on my hubs today. Best to you and Peace :)

    • RachelLynn profile image

      RachelLynn 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      I'm in love with mixed-breed dogs, or mutts. I love them because they're unique, and no other dogs are really like them. And they're always adorable. :)

    • profile image

      Victoria 8 years ago

      That is good info for people not sure if to get a purebred or a mixed breed. I have had both my moms dog is an ex-breeder show champion golden retriever and i am the proud owner of a mixed breed and a foster mixed breed dog and i would recommend anyone to go to a rescue and look at all the dogs in the rescues.

    • profile image

      janga  8 years ago

      i personaly love mix-breed dogs :)

    • profile image

      jingga 8 years ago

      cool article

    • profile image

      rottweilerpuppy 9 years ago

      Cool info. I think that if someone is just looking for a companion they should really consider a mix breed.

    • starcatchinfo profile image

      starcatchinfo 9 years ago


    • Ask Addie profile image

      Ask Addie 9 years ago

      Very great Hub! Love the comparison