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Mongolian Death Worm

Updated on April 19, 2017
I'll save you from that Death Worm, Babe
I'll save you from that Death Worm, Babe
a legless lizard in the Amphisbaenid Family.
a legless lizard in the Amphisbaenid Family.

Does It Exist?

Ever hear about the Mongolian Death Worm? Got the word death in it's name, so it has to be scary, right? Let's find out, read on.

According to the people that live near the Gobi desert, there is a giant worm living under the sand. It is approximately two to five feet in length. It's blood red in color. It will unexpectedly pop out of the sand and spray a yellow acidic spray at you. It can also admit an electrical shock strong enough to kill a camel. It only appears in June and July, hibernating the rest of the year.

The Death Worm was first mentioned by Roy Chapman Andrews in the 1926 book On the Trail of Ancient Man.Mr Andrews is rumored to be the model for the Indiana Jones movies. He soon began to discount the local stories and halted searching for the worm.

In 2005 a group of English explorers went searching for Mr Death. Again hundreds of stories were told. However, no one had any physical evidence, or was willing to say they actually had seen Mr Death. They set traps, but alas, no worm. Like others before them, they went home empty handed.

Some don't believe the Mongolian Death Worm exists. It could be a form of land based electric eel. It wight be a spitting snake who's story has been exaggerated over the years. Then there are those that believe it's a legless lizard in the Amphisbaenid Family.

As to whether the Mongolian Death Worm exists or not is up to you. Do you believe in Santa Claus? The giant grasshopper the farmer killed? How about Unicorns? Let's not forget the Alien that meets with the President of America every year. I believe in all those things. The tabloids at the grocery store registers have articles about them all the time. Complete with photos.

A little sarcasm there. Actually they are finding creatures that we didn't know bout all the time. So Mr Death could exist. If he does, I'll never play hide and seek with him. He's good!


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