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My poodles will eat a good Sock!! and a bad one..

Updated on April 22, 2011

Eating sox

I raise standard poodles they are the love of my life. So much fun so much company they know what I'm thinking before I do it seems.

They have impeccable manners and will wait by the door for permission to enter or exit they do not jump up on you and all jump thru the hula hoop take a bow count to 10 know 1+1 = 2 barks now not all of them know all things but together we put on a pretty good show for school career day the local wire-grass festival, and various parades as they all pull the sulky cart.

Such an intelligent lot they will do anything for a treat. When they were younger I have had to search the yard at midnight for the remote control, they once buried my watch for 3 days then brought it back and laid it at my feet. I have to admit most of this was Clyde.

But let me clue you in on the" Bonnie Girl" I haven't a clue what it is about a sock, but you cannot ever just stick them in your shoes and expect to find them upon your return. Thank goodness the past year hasn't beenĀ real bad prior to that it was a weekly occurrence. At first I thought I was losing them in the "hose-zone" layer(washing machine or dryer) I soon found out where they were going.

One day I noticed Bonnie eating grass I had been watching them play thru the kitchen window they body slam one another, and they love to play keep away they run like the wind as soon as one gets close whoever has the toy will turn on a dime and give'm 9 cents change, and run in the other direction it is a sight to behold.

I noticed Bonnie had stopped playing it looked to me as if she would be sick I decided I better go check her out as I was walking up she began to be sick it was quite a putrid smell, and was very green like bile I thought oh dear me, so I got a baggy to take it with us to the vet, and as I picked it up I thought gee this looks just like a sock. Off to the vet we go, the vet comes out a few minutes later it is indeedĀ a sock after some testing and 500.00 dollars later she is clear to go home.

Not once has she ever had an issue eating or going to the potty, but many is the time she will give you a recycled sock. The grandsons are small, and it is hard to make them understand the importance of the clothes hamper, and bonnie ever slick will sneak one and run.

This is very dangerous and can be life threatening. So if, you are missing sox and you have a standard poodle you might do well to visit your vet.

Say hello to Bonnie,Clyde,"baby face Nelson"

bonnie,clyde,babyface nelson
bonnie,clyde,babyface nelson


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    • jorja kick profile image

      jorja kick 6 years ago from southeast georgia

      yes... they are adorable ..and smarter than me about most

      I guess i should've gone thru the sock but I thought it best to let the vet see it intact...Little did I know it was gonna be such an expensive look!!

      today a friends puppy ate a plant of some kind and had to be hospitalized as it was poisonous to dogs,unsure what type at this point,but we think he will make it..

      they will scare you as a child does!! they are our children!!

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 6 years ago from Deep South, USA

      Your poodles are adorable, and so smart! Of course, you know how to train them, too.

      That $500 sock was quite a lesson....