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New dog tracking devices

Updated on March 21, 2008

Where, when, how?


What does a Global Positioning System have in common with a dog? The answer to this is: Put it on a dog and you can track it just about anywhere. No, this is not a riddle but rather a fact if you consider that actual GPS collars can be found for sale in specialized pet stores or on-line.

The advantages may be many but the most important is pretty priceless: piece of mind. Just think about letting your dog out to wander and explore all the great amenities the outdoors has to offer without worrying about constantly inquiring about his whereabouts.

All you need to do is slip the collar on and with little or no programming your pet is set to venture safely outside. Afterward, you can easily track his location within a 1 to 5 mile radius depending on the brand you choose to purchase.

This can be ideal for those campers, hikers or hunters that like to bring their dogs along the fields but do not want to deal with the struggle and time consuming effort of searching them for minutes or hours. The tracking system will take care of it superbly, displaying the dogs location and velocity, through a text mesage, e-mail or even on a sophisticated LCD screen.

You do not even have to worry about the weather or the collar getting wet as the collar is waterproof. This is great because we all know that some dogs can simple not resist getting wet by swimming in a pond or jumping in a lake.

With some GPS collars you may also create a virtual fence. If the dog crosses the boundaries you have set, you will be swiftly alerted by an audible alarm. Some GPS systems will instead send you an e-mail or text message providing the dog's exact location.

If you own multiple dogs, you will need to purchase different collars but can keep just one receiver. Many collars may track up to three dogs per receiver.

A GPS collar is a great contribution to today's modern outdoor lifestyles. It helps effectively track and retrieve your dog and get rid of unnecessary worries. Now, you and your dog can definitely enjoy your deserved vacation, hunting season or week end getaway!


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Finally I don't have to be stressed about where my dog is. Thanks to Spotlight GPS pet locator, I have had this product a few weeks and am amazed at how accurately it tracks my dog's location. I highly recommend the device to all pet owners who want the reassurance of their dog's safety at all times.

    • Jim Scotty profile image

      Jim Scotty 

      10 years ago

      I would be interested in purchasing something like this if the price were to go down. I was looking at the RoamEO GPS pet tracker I saw at - anyone have reviews after using it?

      The alternative is the Garmin Astro but that unit seems to be larger than the RoamEO one.

    • alexadry profile imageAUTHOR

      Adrienne Janet Farricelli 

      10 years ago from USA

      Perhaps then you may be interested in invesible fences as well. Keeps dogs in and worries out!

    • profile image

      eileen hughes 

      10 years ago

      This would be great for my sons little suzitsu's as soon as a gate is open for a second they are gone and I mean GONE, Their little legs just fly. They are so quick for little dogs. Although I reckon they would outrun the 5 k limit.

      I turned my back and picked up a armful of rubbish prunings turned around and they were gone. I raced in got the car keys and had to drive 1 kilometer to catch up with them. They are unbelievable. Great idea though.


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