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Lost Pet Rescue

Updated on March 6, 2014

I've Lost My Owner!

Have you ever rescued a lost animal?

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How Could Anyone Not Help?

Look at that beautiful animal! I found him 3 days ago, wandering down a major 3 lane roadway. He was just trotting in the street, completely oblivious to the fact that cars mean danger. I immediately had to do something to prevent this beautiful creature from being killed.

We pulled up next to the dog, and my son jumped out of the car to direct it off the road. But no sooner than the dog ran a bit up the road, it was back on the road again! "This will never do!" I thought. So off we went again, to try to get that dog off the road.

The poor thing was foaming a bit at the mouth. I'm sure he was quite hot, and he seemed a bit disoriented, like he didn't know where he was. We held up traffic just trying to ensure that the dog was off the road.

No sooner than we got him off the main road, he began his trot up the street on the side road. This dog just has no concept about staying away from cars and the road. We followed it up the road a ways, again holding up traffic, and my son was still trying to run it to the sidewalk, but it always came back to the road.

Scared And Confused

At last I said, "We have to pick this fellow up. He's gonna die out here." So I pulled over, with the help of another driver, who apparently thought it was our dog we were trying to catch. He helped us corner the dog on the side with his care and mine.

The dog was scared. I called out the window to my son and told him to approach it slowly, and speak to it nicely. I also spoke to the dog nicely out of my window, so it sat down, sensing we meant no harm, and my son was able to walk over and pet it. I told him that we would drive around the neighborhood and see if anyone was looking for a dog.

We put the dog in my back seat. The poor thing was bleeding a bit around the mouth, and pretty stinky. He cleaned himself up a bit while sitting in my back seat, and was very calm as we drove around to search for a possible owner. I had no idea how far this dog was away from it's home, so after no luck in our search, we took it home.

A Real Sweetie

What To Do?

Once I got the dog home, I tried to give it a bath in our backyard, as it smelled like it had been rolling around on something dead. He was very docile, and never gave me one problem about the bath, or anything else. This dog is very sweet, very obedient, and a perfect house pet.

Looking at him, and, not having too much experience or knowledge about large dog breeds, I thought this was a pit bull. Yesterday at a party, I showed his pics to some friends, who happened to know much more about these breeds than I do. They told me he looks like a mix of rottweiler/pincher. His coloring is a Blue gray, like my Russian Blue cat was. He has white running down his chest, and on the edges of at least 2 of his paws. We call him "Smoke."

At first, I thought that he looked a bit underfed, so that did not score points in my mind for the owner, who I thought may have been a bit neglectful of this animal. He's a lovely dog, and I'm falling in love with him, but unfortunately, as much as I'd like to keep him, I can't.

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The Dilemma

I immediately asked an officer about any no kill shelters in the area, because I cannot keep this beautiful dog. He directed me to one a few blocks away, that is allegedly, the largest in the county. It was too late that night, so I took the dog there first thing in the morning.

I need to take the dog somewhere, because my lease has a very specific clause about any additional animals found on the property. I'm running a risk, as I'm subject to eviction if my landlord finds out this animal is at my house. So needless to say, I'm desperate to find the owner, or a no kill shelter for it, or, at the very least, someone who is willing to care for it until we can find the owner or the no kill shelter.

Bad Rap

The lady there was so nice, and so helpful, but they had no room. Since I was saying it was a pit bull, she immediately wrote down a list of organizations to help me find a home for it. Unfortunately, pit bulls have such a bad reputation, but people need to recognize that a dog is only vicious if it is either mistreated, or trained to be vicious. DON'T FAULT THE DOG; FAULT THE OWNERS AND MAKE THE OWNERS RESPONSIBLE FOR VICIOUS ATTACKS MADE BY THEIR DOGS!

Because of this bad rap, it is 10x harder to find a home for a pit bull, than for any other breed of dog! What's worse, is that the government allows these puppy mills and breeding houses to exist! There's no cap on the amount of animals being bred for a profit, and meanwhile, the shelters are overflowing, and have run out of space for the animals that do need a home!

We Need To Petition For A Change!

Why isn't there a law regulating that?!? Why are breeding mills allowed to continually breed, when other dogs and maybe even cats that need homes are being slaughered daily in shelters? It's inhumane! First find homes for the ones already in the system, before you allow any more to be bred! It is costing tax payers money while these private enterprises are profiting, and all at the expense and mistreatment of the animals!

We humans have a lot to answer for later. We take so much for granted, including beautiful creatures like this one, who were placed on this earth for our enjoyment, and to be a help to us. It's a shame that most people are so self-absorbed, that they aren't conscious of the animals...of the trees...of life's energy, and how we are all connected.

It hurts my heart every time I see or hear of animals getting abused or neglected, especially domesticated animals. It's worse when it happens to the domesticated ones, because they TRUST US!

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

We all can help in this situation. Step up and foster an animal out of a shelter. Be a no kill advocate. Use the power of the internet to help no kill shelters put the word out, and find homes for all of these abandoned or abused animals. Ultimately, we are responsible for what we do with the resources God provided here for us, and these animals are part of those resources. They should be loved and enjoyed. Help find good homes for them.

If you are looking for organizations, a good start is to Google "No Kill Shelters" in your area, or "Animal Rescue" organizations in your city. You'd be surprised with how many you'll find, and how many are in need of donations of supplies, food, and funds to sustain these animals. Also, you'd be shocked to discover that most of them have no room for the ones need of shelter right away. Look up to see if there's an animal you'd like to give a good home to.

Also, if you have lost an animal, call the Humane society to report it. If you have found one, call them to report it. However, don't take the animal there, as they will put it down after a few days/weeks. You just want to have a record of it with them, in case someone finds your pet, and calls them to see if you reported it lost. Do your utmost to save one of these helpless creatures, and you will have a great friend for life. GB

Change In Attitude

I found the owner of the dog! She was really worried about him too. Turns out his name is Buddy, because he's so friendly and sweet! I was sad to see him go. I would have loved to have kept him.

Since my encounter with this beautiful little being, my whole attitude towards pit bulls has changed. I keep meeting people that own these dogs, and the dogs are just as sweet and loveable, according to how their owners treat them. Every pit bull I have encountered since meeting Buddy has been just great dogs; loving and loyal, and very friendly. I think people should not let a few bad people who have abused their dogs, lead the masses concerning these beautiful animals.

Life Through A Pit Bull's Eyes

You breed me to be strong, Now you think you were wrong.

I am man's best friend, Now you want me to meet my end.

I live to protect the ones that I love, I'm the best of my breed a step above.

I'm as good as you raise me to be,

I was not born evil, can't you see?

I come in different shapes, sizes, and colors,

I'm here to serve my master just like all the others.

My master loves me as if one of their own,

When I walk by there side or fetch a bone.

Here is a little history about my kind,

Always keep these facts in the back of your mind.

I lived in the white house with a President named Teddy,

During the 1st World War, I was an American symbol and ready.

Sgt. Stubby was the most decorated war dog and that was not a crime.

I even lived with the little Rascles once upon a time,

I've lived with the brightest man ever known,

Thomas Edison has become very greatly known,

Now that I've given you some history about my kind,

Let me get back to what's been on my mind.

I feel for people, who have been attacked,

But you can't put all the blame on my back.

For I'm a creature put on God's great earth,

No knowledge of love or hate before my birth.

Why do you blame us all for a few bad ones?

Do you hate your children because of a few bad sons?

One day I hope all of this you'll realize,

For it's you that has anger and hate in Your eyes.

It's not up to you to wipe out my breed,

For only God has the power to do that deed.

So just remember as I run along,

It's not my breed, but your perception that's all wrong.

By Amber Lynn Hoff at Luv-A-Bull Pit Rescue


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