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One Very Bad Cat

Updated on March 25, 2011
Little sweet BeauBo
Little sweet BeauBo

In the beginning...

My husband and I had two great cats, but unfortunately one was diagnosed with untreatable cancer. During her last few weeks we decided to adopt another cat, as to not leave our older one alone. We then decided we should take two cats so that the kitten was not alone. Pip and BeauBo (featured above) came home not long before we lost little Holly.

Both cats stole our hearts through various means over the past 3 years. Pip had a litter, and then was fixed. BeauBo was fixed before fatherhood, and even survived a slight bump by a passing car at age one, when he conveniently escaped through a cracked window in our home.

BeauBo and Pip
BeauBo and Pip

The Great Move

BeauBo and Pip grew up for the first few years in the middle of Southern California, busy streets and interesting finds. A few times knowing my love for them, BeauBo brought home a Kit-Kat wrapper for me. I honestly don't think I've ever laughed harder then when I first saw him pop over the cement wall with a bright orange wrapper in his mouth. Empty...of course, I'm not that lucky.

When we moved out here to the sticks of South Dakota, BeauBo discovered a whole new world, full of animals...and enemies. It's his own fault really. We have six acres, if he could have just been easy and minded and stayed on the property, I don't believe the war would have ever started.

War you say? Yes, war. BeauBo decided to wander up to the neighbors barn, where he met the heavy Gray coated, large male cat Ghost. Ghost did not appreciate BeauBo taking up attendance in the barn. So Ghost decided to turn the tables, low and behold one morning to my dismay I hear loud bellowing cat sounds coming from the front of the house. I busted out the front door with my weapon (a broom) just in time to see Ghost skipping off up the driveway. BeauBo's tail spread like a peacocks he bounded into the house.

The Showdown

BeauBo did not take well to having his garage invaded by Ghost, who would come down infrequently to torment BeauBo. Lethargic and sad, and trapped inside by the horrible Ghost, BeauBo became depressed and has lately begun to display some terrible behavior.

Let me just say, I thought cats, even male ones were free from the habit of "spraying" by the process of castration. I however have recently learned in all my google searching that 13% of them will begin at one point. Sudden triggers including territorial stress.

BeauBo has since claimed, curtains, windows, coats, boxes, blankets, my dismay and disgust. Being that it is the middle of winter and we are in the middle of the worst weather South Dakota has seen in a long time I decided to kick him out to deal with Ghost.  I was keeping him out as much as possible, and apparently he started to resent that.

Several nights ago when during the throws of passion with my husband...BeauBo decided to own me.  The little devil got me right on  the shoulders.   As my husband chased down the cat to throw him out, and I cussed my way through a short shower, I pondered BeauBo's short existence, and decided despite the cute, wonderful, snuggly, Kit-Kat side of BeauBo...the line had been clearly drawn and his destination was the garage.

The garage overnight apparently was not what BeauBo had in mind. As I fumbled out the back deck early in the morning to take the dogs to the pen I found myself being "followed" by a certain orange tabby. I thought to myself "self, this cat has bad intentions". As I rounded the gate and unleashed the dogs, BeauBo approached the fence. I took two steps to the right just as he turned his tail high in the air. I jumped, he aimed....he missed. Out I flew through the gate, charging through the snow...surprised wide eyes a crouch and off we go. I'm quite sure that cat has never been chased by a human before...Eventually I gave up and went home, eventually BeauBo came to the back door and so did the he came inside.

Since the chase and the showdown, he has not sprayed, but it hasn't been that long...I'm waiting...I know as he charms with his cuteness and snuggles with his softness...that somewhere deep inside lies a VERY BAD CAT.


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    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      Hi Borneo Tattoo..what a cute story about a very very bad cat! Yep! Spraying is not fun..not fun at all. It is usually territorial and, once the threat has been removed, the spraying (*hopefully) stops. We have 'outdoor' cats who actually live in an outbuilding w/all the goodies our indoor cats enjoy along w/their own fenced in big big cattery so that they aren't snagged by the local..and numerous coyote. but, out of the house they must be. Their little cabin has heat/air and room so, they still have very good lives. Both kitties in this hub are very very good looking babies...can't help but love them!

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 6 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      You lie on that sweet kitty! He looks so precious and harmless. lol

      A friend had a spraying cat and it ruined her carpet, drapes and much more!

    • Tinsky profile image

      Tina Dubinsky 6 years ago from Brisbane, Australia

      How can you say that the cat in the above picture is bad cat? He looks so ... conspiring and out of sorts. (lol) Welcome to hubpages!