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Overweight Cats Are Not So Funny

Updated on October 27, 2013

More Cats are Overweight in America

Overweight cats are not funny. Cats are becoming more overweight in the United States than ever before. Cats are susceptible to gaining too much weight just like people, and it's becoming more epidemic in the United States, and its, also, on the rise in the United Kingdom. There are more cats that are overweight than there of normal weight. Overweight and obese cats are likely to suffer from disorders like diabetes, hepatic lipidosis, arthritis and many more. Cats get fat deposits when they consume too much food. Cats eat too many calories, which end up as fatty deposits and cause cats to gain too much weight. Cats eat more calories then they are able to burn off. Indoor cats do not hunt for prey. They eat commercial cat food. Cats need proteins from animal matter, because they are carnivores--they need to eat meat. The proteins in vegetables is not the same as the proteins in meat. Cats can not break down carbohydrates, because cats do not have an enzyme called "Amylase" in their saliva. Amylase is needed to break down carbohydrates, which cats lack. Most mammals, including humans and dogs, start the digestion of carbohydrates in the mouth. Cats are true carnivores and need to eat meat that comes from a meat source.

An obese cat was on the Internet a while back that had died. His name was "Meow" and he weighed 39 pounds. He was fed too much food, and it was too late to save his life. There is an epidemic of obesity in cats in America. Cats that are obese are no laughing matter and are not so funny. Overweight cats can die from obesity, which is sad.

An Overweight Cat

An overweight cat
An overweight cat | Source

A Little Plump and Not So Plump

This is Sasha and she is a little plump.
This is Sasha and she is a little plump.
Bessie About the Right Weight
Bessie About the Right Weight
Kitty Sasha
Kitty Sasha
Kitty Bessie
Kitty Bessie

Overweight and Obese Cats Should See a Vet

Overweight and obese cats need to see a vet to find out what is causing the cat to be overweight. The cat's weight should be taken, blood and urine tests taken to see if there is any condition or disorder that might be present, so that it can be ruled out in causing the overweight or obesity in the cat. Cats should be checked out to see if they have normal levels of the thyroid hormone, and that the cat has no physical or metabolic dysfunction.

If the cat is physically normal, than the weight problem is most likely caused by the cat eating too much food. Only a vet can prescribe a weight loss program for a cat that is overweight and obese. A weight loss program that is prescribed by a vet should be gradual and carefully planned for the health and safety of the cat.

A sudden reduction in the amount of food fed to a cat can be very serious and even fatal. Cats fasting and a sudden reduction of food can cause a serious and potentionally fatal disorder called, "Hepatic Lipidosis." Hepatic Lipidosis is a fatty liver disease where fat, also known as lipids, accumulate in the liver. Older cats are more prone to Hepatic Lipidosis, but cats at any age or breed can be at risk. If a cat suddenly stops eating, beomes anorexic and possibly was overweight, obese, or for any reason the cat should be immediately taken to the vet for examination.

Cat Food

Dry cat food does not have much water content, and a cat might not be getting enough water if it only eats dry cat food. Canned cat food has a lot more water content. Feeding a cat dry and canned cat food might be better, than just dry cat food alone. A vet would be the one to get the best advice on how and what to feed to a cat. Cats that are overweight and obese should not eat too many treats, or maybe none at all. Treats given to overweight and obese cats would just add to the weight problem and make it worse. No cat should ever weigh 39 pounds. Cats are not designed to be overweight.

It is sad that a cat like "Meow" had to lose his life, because he was fed too much food, which led ultimately to his death. Other cats have died in the past that were overweight and obese as in the case of a cat in England that was so obese that he could not even move, as he became imobilized. His name was "Tiddles." People kept feeding him so many treats that he died. He was killed by kindness.


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