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Pedestal Pup

Updated on March 13, 2011
Pedestal Pup, rickzimmerman 2010
Pedestal Pup, rickzimmerman 2010

What if I could promise you a problem-free pet? A less difficult or distressing doggie? A not-so-complicated, conflict-free canine?

Well, I can both promise and deliver! Just pick out your personal Pedestal Pup today, and you’ll promptly find him to be the perfect playmate and pet.

With a Pedestal Pup, there will be no more racing away, chasing cars down the block! In fact, no need for that ritual evening walk, either. Your faithful Pedestal Pup will never yank you across the park as he pursues that cute poodle in heat. No, the Pedestal Pup always stays close to its master. (You’ll save on collars and leashes, too!)

No more complaining neighbors — simply place your P.P where his distinctive ‘pap-papping’ will be least objectionable. And, you’ll no longer lose chewed tennis ball after chewed tennis ball among the shrubbery ringing your yard; you’ll find one tennis ball lasts a lifetime! Feeding time is a cinch, because your faithful doggie will be rooted to the spot, no matter when you choose to bring out the food and water.

Best of all, canine clean-up is a breeze, for your Pedestal Pup will always manage to keep his ‘business’ in one place. 


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