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5 Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

Updated on October 28, 2021
Victoria Lynn profile image

Victoria Lynn has a passion for pets and for saving money, so this article is a combination of the two!

Trudy Jane, my youngest, enjoying a new toy--that was given to us, by the way!
Trudy Jane, my youngest, enjoying a new toy--that was given to us, by the way! | Source

How to Save Money on Pets

If you’re a pet lover, you know that having a pet is a necessary part of your financial planning, as the happiness they bring to you is worth the expense. However, having several, and taking care of them properly, can be expensive.

I’ve found five ways that can save a significant amount of money.

Save money on pet food

1) Food – I don’t skimp too much here, as my pets’ health and longevity is of the utmost importance to me. There are times I have added a cheaper food that my dog likes to his more expensive food that he may not like as well in order to get the picky little thing to eat. So, my expensive food lasts longer.

One thing I’ve discovered recently is to USE COUPONS! I’m not talking about $1.00 off or even $3.00 off. I have started buying cat and dog food coupons (also cat litter) on eBay. I can get expensive brands for half the price—or less—by buying two coupons for the price of one. So far, my biggest savings has been around $28, as I was able to get a particular bag for free.

You can also make your own treats. Microwave a cheap package of hotdogs until well-done. Cut into bite-sized pieces for your dog. These will keep in the fridge for several weeks. Or keep them in the freezer to last even longer. Take the unwanted skin off chicken and fry it up. You can do the same when trimming fat from pork or beef. These morsels make great treats!

Save Money on Pet Toys

2) Toys – Trade dog and cat toys with your friends. I used to get caught up in buying expensive toys that I thought my pets would just love, but my animals are pretty set on what they like. My dog likes to interact with me with any toy that squeaks. My cats like interactive toys, too, or plain gray mice, or—just like toddlers—boxes! So, trading with friends can help you both try different toys without wasting money. And your pets get variety!

My darling Gizmo with a nice haircut!
My darling Gizmo with a nice haircut! | Source

Save on Pet Grooming

3) Grooming – If you have animals that don’t require trimming, you’re in luck. However, if you’re like me, I have to take my little fur-ball to the groomer every three to four months. Even this isn’t bad, as I know others who go every six weeks!

I waited too long to start my dog on shaving at home. By the time I attempted this, he was too scared of the sound, and I don’t want to be the bad guy. Let someone else be. But I did invest in a good pair of blunted yet sharp scissors for about ten bucks.So what happened?

I trim as much as I can on the body between professional groomings, trying to cut out some of the matted areas. I also cut around the eyes and trim the face. My dog knows to be perfectly still when the scissors are around his eyes. If I am vigilant on trimming between groomings, I can sometimes limit our visits to twice per year.

Save on Boarding Your Pet

4) Boarding – This is another area where you can trade off with friends. If your friends like dogs, get him or her used to them and their house. Cats are happier in their own homes, so finding someone who would check on them, feed and water them, and pet them a bit would be ideal. I have a friend who is a cat lover and has helped me out with this for years. For your friends who have children, consider trading out babysitting for pet-sitting. What parents wouldn’t love to have a night out without the kids?

Save on Vet Visits

5) Vet Visits– I have friends who give their own vaccinations, and, while I can’t bring myself to do that, I do stagger how many of my brood of seven that I take to the vet at once. Also, I don’t always go back to the vet after exactly a year. I’ll generally stretch out a few more months. Some research seems to indicate that vaccinations are good for longer than a year, anyway. I am concerned for my pets’ health, too, so I don’t know if yearly vaccinations are what they need. In my mind, the jury is still out on this one. That’s something you’ll have to decide for your own little family.

You don’t have to buy flea and tick medications at the vet’s office, either. Try, going through first for extra discounts. EBay is another option, and, surprisingly, is very competitive. Who knew?

A young Setzer--should have toilet-trained back then! She looks ready!
A young Setzer--should have toilet-trained back then! She looks ready! | Source

More Ways to Save on Your Pets

Now, if you would toilet train your cats, you could really save a lot of money on litter. There are books on that, but I’m a bit wary of that chore. Maybe one day I’ll attempt it and write a hub about it.

© 2011 Victoria Lynn


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