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Best Preparation Tips When Moving Your Pets | What Pet Records Are Required For IntraState Laws | Quarantined Pet

Updated on March 24, 2012

Crating Keeps Your Dog Safe and Under Control

Bella, my puggle, loved her travel crate when she was a puppy.  She loved to travel at every opportunity....road trip!!!
Bella, my puggle, loved her travel crate when she was a puppy. She loved to travel at every opportunity....road trip!!! | Source

Relocating is Stressful to Your Dog

When the family relocated to this past year across seven states, it was a major event. We had two dogs and a cat that needed to travel by car for two days. Preparing to move to another house is very stressful for your pets. Pets like a scheduled routine and get majorly stressed out when this routine is changed. Especially so when it involves their stuff. For dogs this event can get them so worked up they can become very ill with intestinal issues from being nervous about the packing and moving of furniture contributed by lack of naps from anxiety. There was much I needed to consider and detailed preparation to be done in advance to ensure this trip would be as easy as possible given the dynamics of three animals in one car.

Crate Train Your Dog for Travel Preparation: This excellent video will teach you how in 8 simple steps.

7 Important Points About Moving Preparation

Emily made some fine points I thought were worth sharing during our chat one afternoon that helped put a lot of her fears at rest. Once she understood what was happening and how all of her personal belongings would be handled, she was able to relax knowing that I had it all under control. (Boy did I have her fooled.)

Point #1 Records: If we cross into a state that has a border patrol Emily feared she will be taken and put into another animal shelter where she never sees us again. I assured Emily, Current Veterinary Records, Rabies Vaccine Certificate and a letter of Veterinary Certification will be in the car with us at all times. If anyone has questions, we would have proof to show them.

Point #2 Crating: Emily was worried that she would have to spend the night in the car when we got to the hotel if the hotel required crating. The portable crate will be in the car just in case, no worries, I told her. Portable crates are great for any emergency situation on the road.

Point #3 Id Tags: Emily looked down at her neck as if to say, ok what about the new address. If I get lost during transit, how will anyone know where I belong with this old address around my neck? I assured Emily that new tags were ordered and we will add them to her new collar when we start out on the trip. The leash will also be very close during travel because of the leash laws in certain states along the way.

Point #4 State permits for transit: I explained to Emily that I checked all the states along the route to make sure it was alright to transport dogs and cats across the state lines and that no special permits would be required to do so by calling the City Hall Bureau of Licensing for Pets. She was relieved to know that since the last thing she wanted to happen was to be confiscated and quarentined for disease control. If for instance you travel to Hawaii with your pets, Hawaii has a quarentine law for 130 days; no exceptions. Know these things before you get on the road with your pets.

Point #5 Pet Supplies: Emily wondered what happen with her stuff? I told Emily her beds, bones, food and water bowls, and all her toys would be coming along in the car with us. She sighed. Her little step-sister, Bella, was quietly and intently listening during this family chat. At this point, she woofed, 'are we gonna take all my stuff too?' I assured Bella we would and they both looked at each other with a wag and paw of approval from Emily. Bella gestured, It's all good and went to tell Shadow he better get his questions ready because he's next.

Point #6 Cat litter box: My cat is very particular about his box. When I asked Shadow if he would be happy with a disposable litter box, he looked the other way. So I used his regular litter box and attached it to his crate. (Explained in more detail in hub: Traveling With Pets.) There are disposable litter boxes for travel that may be more convenient. I say do what works for your cat so there are no problems. Start using the disposable at home before travel to make sure your cat will use it. The last thing you need is cat spray in the car. Yep.

Point #7 Medications: If your animals need medications, make sure you have an ample supply to take with you to last until you can get your pet to a vet at the new location for refills. If you pets preventive medications are due during the trip, administer these before the trip and pack them accessibly for next month. Having a few sedatives for each pet is a good thing to have on hand. Sometimes a pill is necessary to stop the cat from meowing which in turn upsets the dogs and the driver.

Our Pup, Bella, Relaxes on Her Bed After Our Conversation

Bella and her boney
Bella and her boney | Source

Wags of Approval

After we discussed all of Emily's points of contention and addressed her fears, she was ready to relax and have a good nap (her 10th nap of the day). As moving day approached and more and more of the house was being packed. I could sense a bit of tension in the animals so we went out in the yard and played a bit to release some anxiety. It is a good idea to give your pets a little extra attention and ability to relieve stress during times of disruption. Remembering that they like routine and they world is being turned upside down.

Emily and Shadow the cat, Share Emily's Pillow Bed

Dogs and Cats can cohabitate with time and patience and discipline
Dogs and Cats can cohabitate with time and patience and discipline | Source

MOVE DAY: After Dogs Were Fed Bella Had to Check Out the Moving Equipment On her Morning Stroll Before Getting Crated

Where Should The Pets Be on Moving Day

All pets should be kept on schedule as it keeps more relaxed and also helps avert problems. They will take care of business on schedule and should be less likely to develop diarrhea or vomiting from the moving disruptions. Feed, walk, and crate early on move day before the moving crew arrive.   It will keep them feeling safe from moving vehicles, furniture, and movers. Putting the pet crates in a closed off room would be even more relaxing, especially to the cat. Don't forget to keep your pets hydrated. They will likely need more water due to the extra stress level, especially if your pets are panting. Emily likes to have her bed or crate when feeling stressed as it calms her immensely. Bella just wants to be with Emily. Shadow, the cat, well ...that's another story.

Which States Require Rabie Vaccination Documents

As a general rule: rabies vaccination documents are required by the entire country of United States for dogs and most states for cats. States exempt for cats include: AR, CA, IL, IA, MI, OK.

Which States Require Certificate Veterinary Inspection

Always recheck State Veterinary Department before traveling for updates in the state requirements. As of 2011 the following states are exempt from CVI's. USDA has a site called APHIS, United States Department of Agriculture Animal & Plant Health Inspection Services to help you with this.

All states require for dogs except: CA & TX

All states require for cats except: CA, IL, MO, TX, VT

State Border Patrols for Disease

If you are stopped with animals in transit State Border Patrols may require any of the following 

  •  Import permit
  • Tests for disease
  • Vaccination requirements for the state (proof of)
  • Proof that you did not come form a quarentined area.
  • CVI



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    • Golfgal profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      Hi Laura, I will email you directly. 'though for reader's benefits', I would recommend always checking for any new rulings before traveling across state lines with your pets on a move. Outbreaks occur and pets can be quarantined as a result. It is always better to be safe and check with the state government website for the latest rules for taking pets across state lines.

    • profile image

      Laura HUnter 

      6 years ago

      Hello! What a wonderful person to share all you did with us on the move. I plan a move starting next Sunday night, the 10th of June, 2012, and my question, in going from California through Arizone through a little of New Mexico and then into Texas (destination), do any of these state require more than proof of rabies shots and a verification of the diseases they were tested negative for like kitty leukemia, hepatitis, etc., and found healthy? They are 1st 6 mos feral and last 6.5 yrs. inside with two people, but not easily handled by anyone else, so hard to take to regular vet for regular checkup. Fixation Nation halped us get what they needed done done, including being fixed, and that's all we have, from last Summer. If you can answer me by, or call 818-439-2216, I would be most grateful. Thank you.


    • Golfgal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      Thanks d.a.m. I appreciate your positive comments and yes that is true, animals can be put down as a result of crossing the state line under certain circumstances. What a tragedy for the family. I cannot imagine. Getting the word out was my goal...thankfully achieved.

    • dearabbysmom profile image


      7 years ago from Indiana

      This is SUCH a helpful hub. Through transporting for dog rescue, I've learned these state line guidelines. In some states, not only can they confiscate the dog, if there is no current owner law enforcement is allowed to put it down. I've never heard of that actually happening, but it's great to get the word out to people traveling with their pets. Up & Useful!

    • Golfgal profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from McKinney, Texas

      Thanks Simone for the visit. I didn't either until I moved. We usually do not have border patrols within the US but we can if there are problems with diseases that have to be quarantined. So you just don't know unless you check before traveling what the situation can be. Worst thing that happens to a family is that the family dog is confiscated during the move. Geez, talk about tramatic. Moving is stressful enough as it is.

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 

      7 years ago from San Francisco

      Wow, Golfgal- I had no idea there were so many rules! Very useful Hub! Voted up and useful! (and I love the photos too!!)


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