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Updated on January 29, 2011

Stop Dogs Itching

PetMD for Itchy Dogs
PetMD for Itchy Dogs

PetMD Reviews

PetMD is one those As Seen on TV products that I wasn't sure would be different from anything else I see in stores. My dog has a real problem with itching because of a flea allergy. One bite will get him scratching endlessly for hours and ultimately create a skin infection.

PetMD sounded like a great solution because the problem with the skin infection is that it will ultimately lead to a vet visit. Once my dog is itching so much the infection gets pretty bad. I usually have to get him a shot in the affected area for itching and then a series of pills for swelling and to reduce infection. Then I always get a little lecture from the Vet and somehow feel like a lousy pet owner.

The problem is really that one little bite causes all this nonsense and as soon as I see the itchy dog, I know what's coming. I've gone to the store to buy anti-itch for dogs and other creams and sprays but nothing has worked so I figured that PetMD wouldn't be any more of an effective treatment than anything else.

But when I saw the PetMD commercial a second time, I noticed the PetMD ingredients and I was intrigued. Watch the commercial below and I'll explain further.

PetMD As Seen On TV Commercial

PetMD Anti Itch Spray for Pets

So the commercial let me know that PetMD anti itch spray was a bit different than those other sprays you buy at the pet store. For me that difference lie in the ingredients.  PetMD contains:

  • Lidocain
  • Bitrex
  • Aloe Vera
  • Lanolin

Let's face it, other anti sprays for dogs and cats contain Aloe Vera and Lanolin but how many that we can get without visiting the vet that contain lidocain. My first experience with lidocain came at the dentist when I learned that's what I was going to be injected with for numbness. Topical lidocain will deaden the nerves in the outer layers of skin for awhile so your pet will feel relief from itching and not be tempted to scratch.  This should happen instantly and I knew that buying PetMD and keeping it around for when my dog starts his scratching routine would start to pay off big time for me.

I did buy PetMD and it came with a bunch of other things which I will list below but I want to say that my PetMD review is based on experience.  I sprayed down my dog and he loved it.  I'm going to admit that I used a lot more than I was supposed to but with Wesley you have to get him to stop scratching immediately or he will create a wound and it WILL become infected.  I was not concerned with following directions or saving every last drop of this precious brew.

Now, my dog did try to nibble and scratch a little out of habit but PetMD probably acted like a bitterant to him and the taste kept him away. The other ingredients in PetMD did a lot to cool and relieve the itching but I'm betting that it was the lidocain which made this so effective for my dog.  He was relieved, and I've yet to go to the vet for skin problems since I got my PetMD

I for one give PetMD a rave review.  I think other pet owners will find a lot more relief here than with other over the counter remedies. Watch the commercial again and you will see PetMD was formulated by veterinarians and doesn't cost very much so it should be worth a try.

PetMD Anti Itch Spray for Dogs
PetMD Anti Itch Spray for Dogs

Buy PetMD

So you've read my review and may wish to buy PetMD but where's the best deal.  As mentioned above the standard PetMD offer comes with a lot of stuff.  I cannot promise that you can find PetMD in stores so you may need to order online. The online offer contains:

A 4 oz. Pet MD Anti-Itch Spray to instantly relieve the  pain and itching your dog and cat may be suffering, you get the 2 oz. PetMD First Aid for minor cuts and scrape, and 4 oz. PetMD Great Mane Conditioning Spray, a skin and coat spray conditioner. All of this for just $9.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling.


  • For just an additional $20, get triple the amount in the Ultimate Kit and you will also receive free bottles of Odor Absorber and Anti-Shed Spray with no additional S&H.
  • Get PetMD Anti-Itch Shampoo for just $14.95 and $2.95 S&H!
  • Flea and Tick Spray keeps your pet’s coat fresh and smooth! Just $9.95 and $1.95 S&H.
  • Just $9.95 and NO S&H for PetMD Oxy Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator.
  • Buy one bottle of PetMD Ear Cleaner and get one free, only $9.95 and no S&H!
  • Learn to understand your pet with “How to Talk to Your Dog,” a guide on pet communication for just $9.95 and $1.95 S&H.
  • Get PetMD Tear Stain Remover, Ear Cleaner, and Breath Freshener for $29.95 and $2.95 S&H.

 I myself just stuck with the original offer and rarely use the other junk that came with PetMD anti itch spray. I have used the PetMD First Aid but not enough to know if it is better than any other product you can get in stores.  It came with my order so I kept it but really have no opinion or review of that product.

As Seen On TV Items

It's been a while since I've heard anything new about this As Seen On TV Item but the fact is that this summer has seen a lot of new items that are really great. Not that keeping your pet itch free isn't important but there are some new products which just seem a little more fun. For example, take a look at Perfect Punch or the Grill Glove . It seems the As Seen On TV world just keeps getting bigger and better!


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