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The Grill Glove Is Not Your Average Oven Mitt

Updated on April 26, 2011

Grill Glove Official Site

Grill Glove
Grill Glove | Source

Grill Glove Oven Mitt

The Grill Glove oven mitt is one of the best as seen on TV store items I have seen in a long time. I nearly flipped when I saw it because this is exactly what I've been waiting for. It was this past Memorial Day weekend when I swore I'd never grill again but everything has changed due to the Grill Glove.

My big issue with grilling is not being able to get a proper handle on my food for flipping, turning, placing and removing. It may seem like a petty little gripe but besides just burning my fingers countless time, I'm a pro at dropping my chops through the grill and even pulling the stick right out of my kabobs because they stick and I can't get a grip with my utensils. I tend to even just thrust my hand into the barbeque area out of pure frustration. The bottom line is that grilling has not been a fun experience for me and the food is usually ruined. Now, I know I could work on my skills and that grilling is truly an art, but I had all but given up until I saw this grilling glove.

Needles to say I bought the grill glove and I use it for just about everything. It is one as seen on TV product that won't disappoint.

Grill Glove Infomercial

The Grill Glove Infomercial Review

As soon as I saw the video for the grill glove I was hooked and had to have it. If you watch the video I'm sure you will have much the same reaction because this is a product whose time has come. The grill glove is by no means an ordinary oven mitt. It is made of food grade silicone so it is safe to use around food. I myself was not familiar with silicone oven mitts but they are spectacular.

The Grill Glove, for example, takes away the need for tongs or utensils of any kind. This grilling glove is heat resistant and really puts the power of the grill in the palm of your hand. If you can actually touch the food without getting burned you are much better control of the food. This product is being sold by pitchman Anthony Sullivan and he makes using the grill glove look easy but it really is. My first triumph came when rolling thin hot dogs over on the grill. I usually can't get the turn I want using my tongs but now I just roll them a little without the worry of getting burned or losing my grip on them.

Steaks and chops are a breeze because you can actually just grab and flip. Burgers take a little practice because you have to make sure they are a little cooked and have the integrity to be flipped without falling a part. The chicken and kabobs are a joke. You can grab them and the heat resistant glove allows you plenty of time to be as gentle as you need to be.

Now, I don't think many of us will test this out with a blow torch like the do on television but grabbing baked potatoes is certainly safe. I never really thought just being able to put your hand on the flame, grab your spud and walk it over to the table would be such a miracle but it really makes grilling a whole lot easier.

The Grill Glove is also waterproof and perfect for pulling corn out of the boiling water, or better yet Lobster! My greatest discovery though was grabbing hard boiled eggs. There is nothing worse the having to hold a burning hot egg when you are trying to peel back the shell so this thing is perfect. Speaking of waterproof, this grilling glove is easy to clean and totally dishwasher safe. It beats the heck out of those old dirty and burned up oven mitts you have hanging around so you can just get rid of them. In fact, the "wait there is more " television offer actually has a great bonus gift.

Grill Glove As Seen On TV

Most of the as seen on TV offers you see come with a silly bonus gift to sweeten the deal, but in this case, the bonus is just as cool as the Grill Glove. It is called the Lava Mitt and it is basically the same thing but in the shape of an ordinary oven mitt. This bonus offer is subject to change without notice and in the direct response market, they often do. So be sure to thoroughly read any offer you may or may not be interested and look for the fine print.

Have I mentioned that the Grill Glove offer is a buy one get one free? This means you get two for the price of one with only added S&H which is a great deal. You end up with two gloves for grilling and no wasted junk that you will never use. It's really one of the best offers out there and I think the simple nature of this product and the fact that it solves such a widespread problem will make the Grill Glove the hit of the summer!

Grill Glove Reviews

It has been just over a year since the grill glove hit the scene and try I as I might, I still can't find any negative grill glove reviews.  Mine are still going strong and have kept their structural integrity.  Even my lava mitt looks as good as new but I really don't use it too much.  It's actual grill gloves that stay by the barbecue and I'm so used to using them that I don't even have tongs or a basting brush within reach of the grill.   I'm shocked that I have not seen grill glove in stores and I'm wondering what the hold up may be.

Let's assume that this may be considered a seasonal product, but if you think about it there are lots of year round uses for this thing.  Perhaps retails really do know what they are doing regarding sales and inventory but I gotta believe they are missing out on a boat load of business by waiting til summer to stock the grill glove.

It's still a wait and see type of thing but I cannot imagine a more perfect product for retail than the grill glove.


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    • profile image

      Ellie 7 years ago

      I really like the grill glove It's actually a pretty handy little glove to have on hand when you are cooking inside or outside.

    • profile image

      GATisdale 7 years ago

      The Lava Mitt is a non-necessity. Mr. Sullivan can't sell the sizzle with the steak, sorrowfully.

    • profile image

      LA_Larry 7 years ago

      Now I can stir my Gumbo by hand!