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FAQs About Dogs and Cats

Updated on September 9, 2013
Pets can be cute and cuddly but they can also pose plenty of challenges for their owners. Here are some frequently asked questions about pets (we will focus on dogs and cats).

A dog and a cat

A dog and a cat being friends
A dog and a cat being friends

Dogs FAQ

1. How do you tell the sex of a newborn puppy?

Hold the puppy in your hand and examine its underside. As long as you have an understanding of basic genital anatomy you should be able to tell.

2. At what age should housetraining begin?

It's really never too early to start housetraining. One of the best ways to get started is to pick up your puppy if you notice him starting to go the bathroom and carry him outside where you want him to go. Be sure to reward him well, and he'll no doubt begin to learn simply by association. Housebreaking your dog can take a great deal of time and understanding. So be patient and learn the basic dog training methods.

3. What are good names for puppies?

Here's a few names for a female: Angel, Lucy, Bambi, Gigi, Cookie, Sadie, Zoe, Gracie, Patches, Princess, Maggie, Pebbles, Bubbles, Dixie, Daisy, Ginger, Gidget, Baby, Jazz or Jazzy, Scarlet, Barbie, Bashful, Lady, Binky, Trinity, Smudge, Star, Beauty, Minnie, Winnie, Molly, Ivy, Trixie, Lexi, Candy, Lily, Teka, Sassy, Blossom, Ruby, Biscuit, Tasha, PeeWee, Jasmine, Bailey, Buffy, Candy, Heidi, Hope, Nugget, Abby, Muffin, Sheba, Dottie, Peanut, Smokey, Figet, Midnight, Addie, Ellie, Amber, and Hannah.

And a few names for a male: Bandit, Casper, Sport, Bingo, Max, Dreamer, Checkers, Iggy, Flash, Duke, Howie, Topper, Charlie, Bullet, General, Oreo, BamBam, Romeo, Cody, Corky, Bugsy, Chico, Amigo, Banjo, Benji, Elvis, Buster, Buddy, Boomer, Sparky, Ceasar, Ggonzo, Gizmo, Rambo, Scooby, Bear, Dusty, Lucky, Champ, Shadow, Thumper, Simba, Barney, Jasper, Harley, Zeus, Dasher, Cupid, Bingo, General, Chance, Jake, Rocky, Toby, Milo, Ziggy, Radar, Oscar, Brutus, Bouncer, Poncho,Bonzo, Snickers, Lucky, Hooch, Rascal, and Toby.

Some names can be used for a male or a female.

4. How often should a dog be bathed?

It's perfectly fine to allow a dog to swim in natural water as often as he likes, but washing him using soaps or shampoos on a very regular basis is not OK. Soaps and shampoos strip the oils out of a dog's coat, drying both their skin and coat. Once every month to month-and-a-half is average (about every 4-6 weeks).

5. How long does a dog's pregnancy usually last?

The average gestation period lasts between 60 and 65 days. Smaller breeds may have shorter gestation periods while larger dogs may have longer ones.

6. How long does a dog live?

The average dog lives about 10-12 years. Unlike most animals, smaller breeds tend to live longer than larger ones.

Cats FAQ

7. How many times a day do kittens need to be fed?

About 3 to 4 times or else have their food left down so that they can eat freely of their own choice.

8. How many kittens are usually in a litter?

The number of kittens will vary for each individual cat. Four to five is the average domestic litter size. The record is held by a four-year-old Burmese named Tarawood Antigone who, after breeding with a half-Siamese, produced a litter of 19 kittens, 15 of which survived.

9. Is there a particular reason why cats purr?

Cats seem to purr for several reasons and in a variety of situations. Many cats purr when they're content, such as when they're being petted. Others purr at other cats as a sign of playfulness or friendliness. And there are those who purr when they are distressed, sick or injured, which may be a way for the cat to calm himself.

10. Is it normal for cats to sleep so much?

Yes. On average, cats sleep about 16 hours a day. In fact, cats get more sleep than virtually any other animal, about twice as much as most mammals. Sleeping is simply a normal behavior for cats.

11. How often should cats get a check up at the vet?

One check up per year is usually sufficient for most cats, although older cats may need to be checked more frequently, usually twice a year.

12. How long do most cats live?

The average life expectancy of cats is 15 to 20 years.

13. Why does my cat not like my dog and vice versa?

We can never know in advance if two animals will get along. When considering adopting another pet, always consider a trial period when both animals can be exposed to each other to see how they both will react.

Cats and dogs have a natural tendency (instinct) to not like each other. In the wild the feline and canine are enemies. The hyena takes off lions and the lion takes off hyenas. Which is natural. The same with wolves and bobcats, cheetahs and coyotes, etc. It takes a lot for a dog and cat to become close. It is all about trust but there is no way you can force them to love each other.


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    • esocial profile image


      10 years ago from California

      That is something about cats sleeping. Talke about cat naps, wow!

      Now our dogs wrestle each other until they drop dead tied, passing out. ......hard workers they are at play time :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Good one.Nice hub.


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