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Pets Grooming tips – How to pet groom your cats and dogs

Updated on August 23, 2009

What you should ask for when pet grooming at your pets grooming salon

For those who do not keep pets you are somehow surprised by the title of this post, yes it is pet grooming saloon. Your Pet health and status is as valuable as yours, as much as you love your body so the Pet too deserve this, be it a dog or cat all these techniques are applicable to them

Best pet grooming practices to ask for

Haircut – Give your pet the best haircut possible; remember unwanted hair may affect your cats and dogs visibility. Pets requires routine haircut done frequently to make them look nice, untidy and more admirable when at the pet grooming salon ask for the best haircut you admire

Hair blow dry - Offer the best blow dry to your pets, good looking kept hair normally keep the pet in good looking condition, you can be offering pet bowl dry every two weeks, when at the pet grooming salon ensure that your pet got the best blow dry possible

Pets Grooming

pets grooming
pets grooming

Cleaning of the ears – ensure that your pets have got their ears cleaned thoroughly using the right cleaning material, pets ears normally breeds ticks that suck blood from your pet

Trimming of pet’s nail – trim your pets nail to the required size, never leave your pet’s nail to long as this would affect how they walk and even they may prick themselves while eating or even you as the owner may get pricked, While grooming at the pet salon ensure that your pet glands are checked including anal gland

Now the body trimming and cut are over then move to the next pet cleaning level of ensuring that your pet dental health is checked by the veterinary officer, use the appropriate tooth brush to clean your pet teeth, ensure while at the pet grooming salon that the right shampoo is applied to your pet. Applying the wrong shampoo will affect your pet skin and hair and it is just good to be cautious with shampoo selection

Asking for additional pet grooming services like milk bath treatment – when doing milk bath treatment ensure that the right shampoo is applied, not any other shampoo other than the milk birth is applied. Consider providing your pet with a shed less grooming. It will help reduce the shedding effect in your pets, here the right products and technique should be used

There are so many online pet grooming saloons that you can get all this services. The best pet grooming saloon is the one with other additional service like nail polish and many others


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    • oderog profile image

      oderog 8 years ago from Nairobi

      Great dohn121 that you have got something valuable from this pets grooming services that you need to do

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      I don't have any pets as of yet, but I do want a dog. This was a very informative hub--thank you! I like the idea of the milk bath. This is the first time learning about it!