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Philippine Zoos

Updated on July 23, 2015

Zoos in the Philippines

The First National Zoological Park Conference of the Philippines took place on the 23-24 August 2010. This was a formative event for the new 'PHILZOO's Association', whose membership consists of just 25 large and 10 small collections. Who these members are exactly is a bit of a mystery as I am unable to locate a list anywhere.

The objectives of PHILZOOS are : Promotion of responsible zoological park operations, enhancing awareness of zoological park owners/managers/staff on existing policies and other basic considerations in zoological park establishment and operation.

It was stated at the conference that there are some 2,750 large and small zoos in the Philippines (other sources say 2,000). This quoted figure is not just shocking but unbelievable. It is also somewhat worrying as there is no set standard of care for Philippine zoos and especially so if just 35 zoos attended the conference.

The Philippines is made up of some 7,107 islands and covers a huge area but even so the number of zoos is quite astounding.

Philippine Eagle


Philippine Zoos I Have Visited But Not Written About

Avilon Zoo

Davao Crocodile Park, Mindanao 03/03/08

Eden Nature Park, Mindanao 03/03/08

Iligan Zoo, Mindanao 07/03/08

Laguna Wildlife Park and Rehabilitation Center, Laguna

Manila Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion 15/10/06

Mari-It Wildlife Conservation Park, Panay 12/03/08

Palawan Butterfly Garden 22/08/07

Philippine Eagle Conservation Centre, Mindanao 03/03/08

San Fernando L’Union Mini Zoo 22/10/06

WIN Rescue Center, Subic Bay, Philippines

Philippine Zoos and Aquariums I Have Yet To Visit

This is an ongoing list of Philippine Zoos which I have heard about. There may be some cross over in the names given to these establishments. I am uncertain whether each of them remains open.

Albay Park and Wildlife, Legazpi City

Animal Wonderland, Star City

Ave Maria Sanctuary and Park, Carcar, Cebu

Birds International, Quezon City

Boracay Wildlife Expo, Aklan

Botolan Wildlife Farm Zambales, Botolan

Cavite Zoological and Botanical Park, Cavite

Cebu City Zoo, Cebu City

Glorietta mall zoo, Makati City

Lombija Wildlife Park and Heritage Resort

Lungsod Kalikasan, Quezon City

Mactan Island Aquarium, Mactan, Cebu

Magaul Bird Park, Subic Bay

Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park, Misamis Occidental

Paradise Reptile Zoo, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

RACSOS Wildlife Resort and Mini-hotel, Iloilo

Silliman University Marine Laboratory, Bantayan, Dumaguete City

Simply butterflies conservation center, Philippines, Bilar, located 41 kms from Tagbilaran city

Father Tropa's Spaceship 2000 Zoo, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental

Wildlife Rescue Center and Mini-Zoo

Zoo Paradise of the World, Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental

Zoocobia Children's Fun Zoo, Clark

Do You Know Of Philippine Zoos Misssing From The Above Lists?

Bearing in mind that some collections do go under two or three names it is just possible that there is some repetition in those listed above. I would though like to add to the list. If there are over 2,000 zoos in the Philippines then I have missed a lot out and would like to include them.

Please give details of missing zoos (and by zoos I mean zoos, bird parks, dolphinariums, aquariums etc) and I will include them in the list above. Thank you.

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The Philippines


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