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A Brief Look AT Pit Bulls

Updated on November 13, 2010
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Fact and Fiction

Pit Bull; these two words have invoked a wide range of human emotion, everything from fear and hate  to love and respect. These animals have come to be highly misunderstood. They do come from a background of bull bating and dog fighting, however that does not make them killing machines. Lost among the myths and bloody lies is the truth about a wonderful breed of dog. While the Pit Bull can be very dog aggressive if trained to fight, a true Pit Bull has no human aggression. Originally if a pit bull showed any signs of human aggression the dog was put down and never bred from. Their actual temperament is very kind and loving. These dogs were once know as the “nanny dogs” or “nurse maids dogs” - doesn't sound like what I would call an evil monster. Pit Bulls, when owned by a responsible owner, make wonderful family pets. Despite what people think they are actually good with children because of their lack of human aggression and ability to tolerate pain. They can endure a child’s ‘not so gentle’ ways of playing.

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Original Bulldog?

Many people argue that the Pit Bull is not an actual breed while, others argue that they are one of the oldest and purest breeds known today. Some even say that the Pit Bull is the original Bulldog and  the English Bulldog we know today came after the Pit Bull. Looking back through history you will find descriptions and pictures of dogs that almost identically resemble today’s American Pit Bull Terrier. Little has changed in their appearance. They were a smaller size in the beginning, weighing between 15-30 pounds. But their dedication to their owner, athleticism, pain tolerance and courage (which made them great at controlling bulls, boars and other large animals) still remains the same today.

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Human Aggression

Pit Bulls were breed for their gameness and willingness to continue and excel at whatever they are doing.T he same qualities that led people to use them for the blood sports of bull bating and dog fighting make them wonderful family pets. Even dogs breed for these gruesome practices were still breed to have no human aggression. In organized dog fighting (with actual rules and turn based matches) the owners have to enter the ring and handle their animal in the midst of battle. Also prior to the battle, the owner would wash the opposing dog assuring that no chemicals were coating the fur to give the dog and unfair advantage. Due to the amount of human contact, human aggression was breed out and not tolerated. However with street fighting (usually an all out fight to the death) the human aggression is not monitored as much and man biters may come from these lines.


Fight For Them

The thing to remember about Pit Bulls is that they have an amazing desire to please their owners, thus making them nothing more than the victims. We are the ones who push, train, abuse and neglect them from puppyhood. We are the ones who turn them into these fighters. It is us who should be blamed, not them. All they do is what we teach. In the hands of someone with ill intent anything can become dangerous - whether it be dogs, weapons, medication or even knowledge. With the proper training, guidance and leadership, pit bulls make exceptional companions and working dogs. If properly socialized, they can even be good around other dogs and pets. We need to stand up and take responsibility for our actions and wrong doings. We have made Pit Bulls into something we have come to fear. I feel we need to work on making them into what we love. Pit Bulls were once the top breed in America and known for their true nature. They are now being demonized. It's time we take back the image of our Pit Bulls, time to stand up and fight for them instead of making them fight for us.


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    • profile image

      Melissa H 

      9 years ago


    • profile image


      10 years ago

      pits are the best dogs you could ever get.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      lol, citie pie! i made a site just for pits too! i own two myself, and they are just the funniest dogs you could ever own!

    • Eternal Evolution profile imageAUTHOR

      Eternal Evolution 

      11 years ago from kentucky

      Jamie Napier I hate to hear that because of ignorance and fear you had to lose your babies. It sickens me that people wont give these dogs a chnce. I now own my 3rd pit bull, He is a little greyline abpt puppy and is such a sweet heart. I had to rehome my other 2 due to some housing issues and it broke my heart. They both have wonderful homes though, and I miss them terribly.

    • profile image

      Jamie Napier 

      11 years ago

      I had 2 AMERICAN RED NOSE PITS and they were the best 2 dogs I've ever known.Also the mother of my dogs had 4 litters and my femail had 2 litters most of the puppies went to close friends about 50 dogs altogether and none were human aggressive.My 2Pits the thing you had to worry about is getting to much affection from them.MY male in the 11 years I had him there were about 3 people he did not like I don't know why but he would not show aggression he would just go in my bedroom till they were gone.Well when they banned pits my dog ended up getting put to sleep because of a juges order because my insurance ran out.2 dog that slept in the bed with me and my wife for 11 years murderd without ever biting anybody.i've had a lot of experience with this breed and they are the best.Now I a AMERICAN BULLDOG witch are great dogs to but i notice my pits were more human frendly not that i've had a problem with my BULLDOG there just not as affectionet as my pit with stragers.The people that passed laws to ban pit don't know enything about the breed.Any dog will be aggressive if raised that way.Punish the owner not the dog.The people that passed these laws didn't have know back groud with them and did not do there homework.Ifthey would have they would have had a different out look.Just read what's wrote on the inernet about people that know these dogs.

    • Eternal Evolution profile imageAUTHOR

      Eternal Evolution 

      11 years ago from kentucky

      Thanks for the comment mia irawati. I absolutly love pits :D

    • mia irawati profile image

      mia irawati 

      11 years ago

      you are not monster,cutie!!

    • profile image

      Samantha Jo 

      12 years ago

      Love it!! I hope your hub helps open those ignorant eyes! =] Good job!


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