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Plants and Ideas that Attract Hummingbirds

Updated on March 21, 2012
Daylilies | Source

Ever wonder how to plant a hummingbird garden? Well, keep on reading for a list of easy hummingbird plants that will keep your hummingbirds and butterflies happy and well fed!

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Crown Vetch
Crown Vetch | Source
Butterfly Weed and Butterfly
Butterfly Weed and Butterfly | Source
Standing Cypress
Standing Cypress | Source

En masse

Whenever possible, use large amounts of flowering hummingbird plants. This offers the most food for your hummingbirds. Group the plants in such a way that the tallest is either in the center of your garden or at the very back. You want to be able to see your flowers and hummingbirds. Try using perennials and annuals that will reseed themselves.

Plant Red Flowers

Flowers such as cardinal flower, standing cypress, cardinal climber, and red bachelor’s buttons will attract hummingbirds. Any kind of red will attract hummingbirds; keep them coming back by using other plants that offer a lot of nectar.

Hummingbirds also love plants like orange trumpet vine, bee balm, honeysuckle, columbine, jewelweed, hostas, flowering quince, daylilies, butterfly weed, honeysuckle bush, crown vetch, and butterfly bush.

Protect Hummingbirds

Avoid planting your garden by the road, if possible. When on a beeline for the flowers, hummingbirds can easily die from a car strike. Also, keep perches up high for them so they can observe their surroundings. Try to keep feeders high above the ground so cats cannot get the birds.

Provide a water source the hummingbirds as well. You can offer them a plate of smelly bananas to attract fruit flies. Hummingbirds love to eat small insects.

Fun with Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are great fun to watch in the garden. When using feeders, they will often eat out of your hand. Try to set up a good background for photo taking.

Clean up all trash from your garden, as this will ruin a photo. Try placing a board painted black behind where the birds are perching. This will give a crisper shot when taking photos.

Tame hummers are easier to shoot so get them used to by regularly feeding them and talking to them. After a while, they should tame down and not really mind you poking around.


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