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Attracting Hummingbirds: My Hummingbird Story

Updated on May 14, 2013

Colorful and cute! That's what I thought of the hummingbirds when I first stumbled into some videos of them. It got me interested that I Googled photos and had read hummingbird information. Then I thought I should try and attract them too on our patio. I will attract them and enjoy their visits.

And I am determined to do so. I headed to Walmart store and bought one hummingbird feeder and a nectar. (At that time I didn't know yet that those ready made red nectar are not good for them.) I rinsed the feeder and filled it with the nectar.

Then I waited. Excitedly sat on the kitchen where I can see through the patio in case a hummingbird spotted the feeder. I had done this for almost 2 or 3 weeks maybe, but hadn't seen any hummers. Or maybe there was, but hasn't seen it?

Then one day I saw one hummer sipping on the feeder but quickly took off afterwards. I am just happy to see that one hummer. I want to get closer to the feeder to take a closer look on how tiny it was, and what color. So I went out the patio and patiently waited like a statue as I barely make any move. One hummingbird hovered near the feeder but it knows I am there so it didn't perch on the feeder for a sip. I want more hummingbirds so I bought two more feeders. And I did more reading too about these small birds, and I learned it takes a while for them to spot the feeders and that a homemade nectar is better than the ones in stores. And so I did tried making a drink for them, 1 cup of white sugar to 4 cups of water and brought it to a boil. Set it aside until it cooled down and used it to refill all the hummingbird feeders I got.

Hummingbird Flowers

To make it easier for the hummingbirds to spot my 3 hummingbird feeders, and it was Spring at that time, I got petunias from Walmart garden and transplanted the flowering plants to a hanging basket. I had chosen red petunias as I read hummingbirds seem more attracted to the color red.

Red petunias on hanging baskets to help attract the hummers on our patio.
Red petunias on hanging baskets to help attract the hummers on our patio.

After I had the red petunias hanging for a while, I started seeing 2 or 3 hummingbirds at a time. They are just fun to watch hovering around our small area, on the feeders, and on the petunia flowers. And this was back year 2009. The year I became interested on the hummers and started hanging the feeders.

There's also one hummingbird I noticed would drive away or chase away another hummer that would perch and sip on the feeders.

Then, on my trip again to the local Walmart store with my parents, the Spring of 2010, I saw this showy, flowering hanging plant, fuschia . It is just so beautiful and attractive and add to it that it is a hummingbird flower and was on almost half price so I bought it. Another flowering plant I hanged beside one of my three feeders.

A showy, beautiful fuschia hanging on the patio.
A showy, beautiful fuschia hanging on the patio.

Hummingbird plants

To add to the hanging flowers, I also decided to have hummingbird plants available and so I had salvia , sage , and they seem to notice my flowering lavender !

And on that Summer of 2010, my dad and I enjoyed watching 5 to 6 hummingbirds hover around, feeding on the feeders just before dark. What we found funny is this one territorial hummer chasing other hummers, but as it drive away one hummingbird, the rest would took the opportunity to drink on the feeders while this one is away chasing one. Also each afternoon, dad and I look forward to the acrobatic displays these small birds does, really wonderful to watch.

Hummers resting one Summer day. One is on the plant support ring. Can you spot the other one?
Hummers resting one Summer day. One is on the plant support ring. Can you spot the other one?


These hummers curiosity is something else I love about them. Their curiosity always cracks me up laughing at some times.

One good example was when I was assisting dad on making a trellis for the vegetables. I was holding it and he was doing some measuring and this one hummingbird from the feeder swoops down, hovers in my right side, so close that I can feel the air in my face from its flapping wings and looked at what I am holding. It looked at me and dad that seems to be asking ," what are you both doing?" and then flew away. That is such an experienced.

One more thing is that they're just curious to check anything that are color red. They thought I was a big flower! I went out on the patio on many occasions wearing either a red sweater or a red shirt. Then a hummingbird would come hovering, looking at me. There's this one time I was out and not long enough, I heard some flapping wings and when I turned around two Anna's hummingbirds are hovering in front of me. And maybe when both realized I wasn't that interesting since I wasn't a flower, they flew to a nearby tree.

A hummer sipping on one of the feeders.
A hummer sipping on one of the feeders.

Do you have hummingbird feeders?

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And who said someone can't have a garden in a limited space?! Yes you can. All, or most of our plants are on pots since we only have a small space available.


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