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Cat Furniture for Cat's Leisure

Updated on January 28, 2015

The cat furniture is made in specific designs for cat's needs. These pieces can be varied according to the design, styles and other stuff used in manufacturing them. Some of the famous cat furniture includes cat gyms, condos and cat trees.

But whatever you call these pieces, the basic purpose is still the same that these can provide the opportunity to the cats to follow their desires of climbing, jumping, sleeping and scratching.

In general, if you don’t have cat furniture for your cat, then she will play with your furniture which will damage your furniture pieces, and you really do not want to see them damaged.

You can train you kitties or cats with their own furniture pieces. After having the training of few days you will observe that they will not go towards other interior of your home and only use their own furniture. The cat furniture also gives the cat a safe feeling as they can play and sleep in their own place.

Build your own Cat Condo or Cat Tree

Furniture for your Cat

If you have a cat as a pet in your home then you know that it is such a lovely and friendly animal.

Your pet is just like a member of your family and you have to provide all the things which can fulfill its natural desires as it cannot go outside to fulfill them. You can buy the pet cat furniture for your friendly cat.

Litter box is one of the important pet cat furniture which is not only good for your cat but also it is really good to have your room and house clean and without bad odors.

There are two kinds of the litter box; one is covered and other is uncovered. It is better that you buy the covered one as it controls the bad odors. For playing you can provide your cat a scratching tree on which it can fulfill its instinctive desire of scratching and also can climb and jump on it.

There are various kinds of pet cat furniture available in the market which can be varied according to the shapes, colors, materials, sizes and designs.

You can buy them according to the nature and size of your cat and also you can buy them according to your budget. The budget can directly affect the selection of the pieces.

If your budget is good enough then you can buy the best cat furniture to give leisure to your cat. But if your budget is limited then you really do not need to be worried because there are also cheap and discounted furniture available with good quality.

Either you buy the cheap products or buy the expensive products, you must consider the quality of these things. If you buy the bad quality pet cat furniture then you will have to replace them again and again.

How To Build a Six Foot Cat Tree

Sisal Cat Scratching Post

The owners who have cats in their house definitely knows that the cats have very particular taste and these are not attracted to every accessory. So, you have to select and buy the accessories for your cat with great consideration and observation.

Sisal cat scratching post is one of the best items which your cat will surely like.

Some people like to place sisal cat scratching because not only they want to take care of the need of their cats, but also they want to enhance the interior of the home.

The other people may like to place it because they are just become annoyed because of the habit of the cats of scratching the carpets and furniture. Sisal cat scratching can easily enhance the interior and you can place it as the corner piece.

Though there are different shapes and designs of the sisal cat scratching available in the market, but most popular shape is the tree shape. Cats like to climb up the tree and want to see the world from the height.

So, sisal has the quality that it gives the look of wood and cat thinks that it is an original tree. Sisal is a very durable material and also very tough, but it has the quality to be scratched and leave the marks on it.

Sisal cat scratching post has the multiple posts for the climbing, stretching, jumping, sleeping, napping etc. If you are really deciding to buy the post for your cat then you have to check the durability of it.

The good thing about it that it has a good durability and it can easily holds up scratches. The height is also a considerable point and if your cat is big then the 32 inches height of the post is really perfect. On this post your cat can easily stretch its body and scratch.

Divert Your Cat's Attention towards Cat Scratching Post

Your cat must have the habit to scratch the things like your carpet, furniture and curtains etc. If you want to keep safe your precious things then you can use the cat's scratching post.

The cats will use them to claw up instead of your expensive furniture. The question arises that how you can make sure that your cat will get attracted towards it for such use?

To get some attention of your cat towards cats scratching post, you have to make it more attractive and appealing than the other areas you want its attention diverted from.

You have to make sure that the scratching post is heavier. Cats have a tendency to scratch the heavy things and sometimes there are post which are not heavy but flimsy and weak.

Cat loves to scratch those things which should be secure enough so it can really stretch its body on it. There are also some cats which are so strong, so it should be secure enough so that it will not be easily knocked over.

The other thing which is also important is the height of the cats scratching post. You have to make sure that it is long enough at least 3 feet in length.

The reason of considering the height is when the cat scratches it also stretches its muscles while doing it. There are mostly posts available in the grocery stores which are much smaller and that’s why unattractive for the cats.

So for finding the good one you should visit the pet store where you can get wide variety to select the one.

Try to feed your cat when it is near the post. The more it will use and pass time on the cats scratching post, the more your cat will be use to it. With the application of these ways you can easily divert your cat’s attention towards cat's scratching post.

How to Make a Cat Scratcher

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