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Purchasing Heated Dog Beds

Updated on January 10, 2010

Dog beds serve to help make our companions more comfortable and content while they sleep. However, when the winter season rolls around, cold nights can just be too much for your pet, even indoors.  Heated dog beds solve this problem by providing warmth through a built in electric heater. These beds generally use a low wattage power adapter to function and are safe to use. The heat is just right to provide therapeutic benefits to dogs of all ages. Puppies have a natural tendency to find nooks and crannies to sleep in so they feel secure. A heated bed not only provides a comfy place for them to cuddle up, but simulates the heat of their mother.

Older dogs that experience body pains can benefit from a heated bed. These beds may have a heating system installed, but they do not lack in comfort. Soft wool and padding make up many beds to cushion joints. The heat source works to loosen up stiff joints and eliminate pain related to the cold. Orthopedic materials are an added bonus is you are particularly concerned about your dog’s health.

A heated dog bed is not limited to animals of the young or old. Dogs of any age appreciate the warming comfort that these beds provide. Many variations in size and materials can accommodate dogs big and small. You’ll find that your pet will choose to sleep and lounge in their heated bed more often than not. A dog bed often becomes the animal’s “safe place” where they feel most comfortable.

Small Heated Pet Bed
Small Heated Pet Bed


Size is an important consideration when purchasing a dog bed. A good way to determine the correct size is to measure your dog from front to back, and then add an additional 8 to 10 inches. Your dog will need room to sprawl out and still fit within the bed limits. If you are unsure, get a bed that is larger than you think you need, especially if you have a growing puppy.


Every now and then you will need to clean the dog bed, especially if it is kept outdoors. Look for heated dog beds that feature a removable and washable pad. Dirt and hair should come off easily when placed into the washing machine. While most beds feature a chew resistant cord, you should never underestimate the power of a dog’s chompers. You can prevent chewing by placing an object on top of the cord near the bed. An orthopedic foam core is an upgrade from standard foam padding and compliments the heat for maximum therapeutic effect.

Some beds feature a built in vibration effect to go along with the heat. Some pets may find this feature offensive or frightening. As a pet owner, you know your dog best. Fortunately this feature can be turned off if they do not like it.

Dog beds come in a variety of shapes, including square, oval and circle. The shape you choose will depend on personal preference and the size of your dog. Larger animals might be better suited to a rectangular or large, open oval shape. This leaves them with plenty of room to sprawl out and provides easy access. Smaller dogs like to nest in small confines, so a circular bed with side walls will make them feel most at home. The side walls create a barrier that holds in warmth and creates their own personal domain. Some beds have ceiling and hole opening at the front where the dog enters. As far as comfort goes, these “igloo” types are unparalleled.

Small Dog Heated Bed By K&H.
Small Dog Heated Bed By K&H.

Product Highlights

K & H Thermo Pet Mat, 14"x 28"

Perfect for a small dog or cat, this heated dog bed by K&H provides gentle warmth to your dog. Dog beds heated with gentle coils or elements provide the warmth they need without being uncomfortable.  This model has a machine washable cover which is easily removed and placed in the washing machine. You can expect it to achieve temperatures 12 to 15 degrees above room temperature, and even more when the pets lie down on it. Heating can be applied during the night or when needed, and then unplugged when not in use. You can also safely leave it on at all times. Heat is regulated with the dual thermostats built into the pad. Electronically controlled heat keeps the heat just right at all times.

Super Soft Outdoor Heated Bed
Super Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

Lectro Soft Orthopedic Outdoor Heated Dog Bed

This orthopedic heated dog bed by Lectro is super comfortable and is specifically designed for outdoor use. Place the bed in a dog house, on the concrete, or in your garage to provide a warm sleeping environment. Built in thermostats keep heat levels around your pet’s normal body temperature. Soft PVC materials on the exterior prevent moisture absorption. It can also be used indoors, and comes in three different sizes.


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