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Buy A Black Area Rug Online

Updated on January 9, 2010

A black area rug is the perfect centerpiece for any room. The deep black color makes a bold statement for rooms of any type, including bedrooms, dens, and living spaces. There are several types of materials that go into making one of these rugs. Every room has a different feel, which is why black area rugs come in every shape imaginable, including oval, round, rectangular and square. Choosing the right area rug depends on your own personal taste and the flavor of the room. Both natural and man-made fibers make up these rugs, with the natural materials like wool being more expensive. A large area rug can be bought for a relatively inexpensive price. Read on to determine which type is best for you.


Thin rugs are the easiest to clean and can feature elaborate detail. Thin-fibered rugs are most commonly manufactured by machines which weave them to perfection. Their low profile makes them less of a tripping hazard than a thick one. Furniture can be placed on top of this style rug without damage or distortion. The lightweight design makes them more prone to shifting and wrinkling, which is why I recommend using an anti-skid rubber mat underneath. Rubber mats come in different thicknesses and provide extra cushion for your feet. They keep the rug in place and prevent constant repositioning of the rug.

A black shag rug features tufted construction for a very unique look and feel. Soft to the touch and gentle on the feet, shag is a rug style that has been around for decades and is still going strong. Depending on the shag style, the rich fibers are anywhere from an inch to several inches long. The think nature of the rug requires frequent vacuuming to keep dirt out of the crevices. No other rug offers the warmth and comfort on the feet as a shag rug. A large area rug made of shag fibers provides a great place for children to play people to gather. Shag is a natural eye catcher and adds depth to any room, whether it is a den, bedroom or living room. These rugs can be made of either man made or natural materials, with the natural variety being more expensive. Man made synthetics like olefin offer stain resistance and durability, which is a must for shag.


Wool black rugs represent the apex in quality and construction. A wool area rug is quite dense due to the natural fibers derived from sheep. The fibers are natural insulators which keep your feet nice and toasty even on the coldest of nights. Black wool area rugs are most commonly made by hand with care. Workers carefully hand tuff each fiber bundle with great precision. The dense-packed fibers result in a heavy rug with substantial durability. With the proper care, a wool area rug can last for many years. Ultra plush premium wool is a more expensive variety but is worth the cost if you desire the greatest comfort.  Cleaning should be done regularly using a vacuum (do not use a beater bar). If stained, spot clean only using mild detergent and then let air dry.

Polypropylene is a very resilient man-made material that can stand the test of time. While not as soft as wool, it is resistant to staining and fading. Unlike most fiber materials, you don’t have to worry as much when you spill a drink or tread mud. The fibers are machine woven into the backing for a strong hold. Many vibrant colors and designs are available within a cost effective range. The low cost of the material and manufacture process puts these rugs in a price range that most consumers can afford. Polypropylene is also known as olefin, a term you will come across often in your search for black area rugs.

Cotton is also a very popular choice in area rugs. The heavy weight helps the rug lay flat and not bunch up. These rugs can be dyed deep black and then treated so they do not fade. Because black is a color prone to fading, look for the rugs that have been pre-washed several times to make sure they will resist fading. Hand woven articles will vary slightly in shape, which shows a natural charm. Machine made cotton rugs will be less expensive but more identical and lack a handmade look. Denser woven rugs will last longer than thin ones and will be less prone to wearing out.


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