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Selecting Egg Laying Chicken

Updated on June 15, 2014
Fresh Eggs from Backyard Chicken
Fresh Eggs from Backyard Chicken | Source

Selecting Chicken for Eggs Getting Started

Rearing chicken in your backyard can be exciting venture that can involve the entire family. There are many home improvement projects that you can undertake but certainly rearing chicken is a fulfilling and results oriented project. While rearing chicken can be restricted by city council by laws there are places where it is legal. If you are contemplating rearing backyard chicken, you are now reading the right article to help you get started. Backyard chicken rearing is a great idea but starting can be a challenge especially when you do not have the right information. The most important consideration when getting started with rearing backyard chicken is making the selection of chicken for egg production in the right way. Selecting of the chicken for egg production can be a daunting task for beginners but by the time you finish reading this article you will be equipped with all the necessary skills.

Selecting Chicken for Eggs based on the Chicken Breeds

Just like you know there are dairy and Beef breeds of cattle, in poultry there are two kinds of breeds; egg production breeds and meat productions breeds. These two kinds of birds differ in a number of ways from their physical characteristics to their period of maturity and so on. When you are selecting chicken for egg production based on the kind of breeds there are a number of breeds that you can choose from and they include;


Popularly known for egg production leghorn is an old chicken breed that was initially bred by Romans. Today leghorn is amongst the most popular egg laying chicken breeds. The beauty of selecting this breed lies in the ability to adapt to adverse environment and conferment. Since you will not be always free to look after your backyard chicken they are a good breed that also suits as a free range system bird. The breed is work renown for egg production and is popularly kept in large extensive farms for commercial egg production.

Selecting Chicken for Eggs other Breeds that Do well


Hamburg is a popular breed for eggs that is thought to have originated from Holland and is equally popular for egg production.


Maran is a breed that was first bred in France and has been identified as a very rare breed of chicken for egg production. You may consider keeping the breed due to its good temperament.

Other Breed that you Should Consider When Selecting Chicken for Eggs

  • Plymouth Rock
  • Cuckoo Maran
  • Rhode Island Reds (right)
  • Black Star
  • Red Star
  • Light Sussex
  • Barred Rock

Finally depending with the breed you may choose to select the best breeds that will be great producers. My next hub will include the physical characteristics that you should consider when selecting for chicken for eggs.


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