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"Should I get a Rottweiler?" checklist.

Updated on June 26, 2011
Rottweiler puppy, 3 months old
Rottweiler puppy, 3 months old
  • I am willing to sign up for, and pay for training classes with little to no breaks between sessions for the first two years of my puppy's life. (It will be more fun for both, you and your dog if you try to find a dog sport that will keep your pup working).
  • I can afford to either stay home, pay for daycare, or have a spouse that is willing to be the primary caretaker during the day, in order to make sure that my dog is not spending most of the day alone. No, crating for 8 hours during the day, or leaving the pup unattended in the backyard will not do. Rottweilers are intelligent, powerful, active animals, and they need to be exercised mentally and physically every single day. If you do not have the time for your pup, this is not a breed for you.
  • I am able to provide my dog with ample exercise on a daily basis. (My mildly energetic pup by many standards, requires a 2 mile walk before bedtime, even on the days she spends 7 hours playing in a doggy day care).
  • I have a lot of patience. I will not punish my dog for the instinctive need to chew on things, or for making a mess in the house, and will provide a positive outlet for that need. I know I can be consistent, even if it takes weeks to develop good habits.
  • I can deal with sleepless nights, and I realize that young puppies need to be taken out every 3 hours, including nighttime. I realize they may cry and whine at night, and I will need a lot of coffee for the first few weeks of having a pup in the house.
  • I am very aware of the fact that properly socializing my dog will be my number one priority for many months.
  • I have a strong character, and I believe in my own skills to raise a well-mannered powerful dog. This is not a breed for those who doubt their own abilities. You must have confidence in your voice and posture to be able to communicate your message to a Rottweiler.


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    • Bukarella profile image

      Lyudmyla Hoffman 5 years ago from United States

      I guess so, if you have never researched the number of dogs that are killed every day in overstuffed shelters because people never took bringing home a working breed puppy seriously enough.

    • profile image

      Have a Rottweiler 5 years ago

      What a stupid check list.