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Siamese Cat Attitudes

Updated on December 31, 2010

Sushi as a Kitten

Sushi and those BIG Blue Eyes
Sushi and those BIG Blue Eyes
Not bigger than a remote
Not bigger than a remote
Sushi meets Rosco
Sushi meets Rosco
Sushi's introduction to some of her new furry family members
Sushi's introduction to some of her new furry family members
Tiny Sushi
Tiny Sushi
Sushi sleeps on Bailey
Sushi sleeps on Bailey

My Siamese Cat Sushi

Sushi is one of my 6 cat rescues. She comes in at number 5 and was rescued just over 2 years ago as a kitten. I drove almost 2 hours to rescue her and always wanted a cat with blue eyes so I was so excited. When I got to where I was rescuing her I got to choose from a litter of kittens. She happened to be the runt. She was this tiny little thing with these BIG Blue Eyes. Those blue eyes are so memorizing to say the least.

Did I mention how tiny she was? She was smaller than my TV remote. All the others animals in my home - the other 4 cats at the time and my 3 dogs welcomed her nicely into their furry family.

Sushi is a Siamese Ragdoll. Before I adopted her I did some research on the breed. I remember reading they are very vocal, loyal and can pack an attitude.

Sushi is very vocal and she is loyal to me when she wants to be. She comes when I call her with a special whistle and answers back with her meow. She does not like to be held and I think that is because we never put her down as a kitten and anyone that would come over had to hold her. She will lay on you when she feels like it. Everything with her is on her terms only.

For a tiny cat full grown and the size of a 6 month old kitten she takes no crap from any of the other cats in the house - even our Maine Coon Fang who is 4 times her size. If you have food she wants to eat she will climb up your leg to get to it. If she loves what she is eating and you try to take it from her she will growl at you. She has done that since a kitten.

One bad habit of hers that I cannot break is that she will pee in the dog's bowl when it is empty. Not sure if it is because its stainless steel or if she is saying something to the dogs.

She did get pregnant by accident - well it was my fault. She was not fixed yet and neither was my newest cat Cyber. They were scheduled, but while waiting she got pregnant. I panicked because I rescue - not breed. So what was I going to do. So I made sure before she had the litter I had homes for them all lined up and I would keep one as well. Cyber is the 6th of my cats and he is a beautiful Persian mix. So after I accepted it I was excited to see what they looked like. Well Sushi gave birth to only 1 kitten who was still born. It was the worst day I had in a long time. It was not a fun labor for her or me who helped while I was on the phone with our Vet. I think she was too small in size to have a kitten so large. Ironically Cyber had his appointment to be fixed the next day and Sushi had to be postponed. I named the kitten Junior and he is buried under a beautiful tree in my yard. She recovered with some minor issues and a trip to the Vet and is now fine.

Sushi all grown up

Sushi as an Adult

Sushi is not my youngest cat, but she is my baby. It is true what they say - Siamese do come with big attitudes and that is ok. Each one of my rescues are different breeds and they all have their very own personalities. Sushi is very special to me - she was rescued around my birthday and was my gift.

I named her Sushi because I love Sushi and it was a perfect fit - simple as that. I would never trade her for anything even if she is tiny with a BIG attitude - it makes her who she is.

My Rescues

Get lost in Sushi's Big Blue Eyes

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      8 years ago

      Great article!


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