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Smallest Toy Dog In The World

Updated on September 5, 2014

Small In Stature Big In Friends

Boo Boo and Giant George
Boo Boo and Giant George | Source

Tiny Dog No Toy

Despite the miniature dog breeds often being referred to as toy dogs, the worlds smallest dogs take their title seriously. There is tough competition to keep the crown for being the lest of all dogs. In fact, there is so much contention over just who is the smallest that The Guinness Book Of World Records had to create two categories for being small.

The first dog with an official Guinness title is Boo Boo the female long haired Chihuahua. Boo Boo is currently listed as the smallest dog living in terms of height. A mere 10.16 cm (4 in) tall the tiny Chihuahua is barely able to see over the carpet pile, never mind hang her head out of the passenger side window while driving down the free way.

Lana Elswick of Raceland, Kentucky, is the proud owner of the little might. And it would be fair to say that since the one ounce little canine rock star was born Lana has had to step out of the limelight. Boo Boo has almost 6000 Facebook fans of her own and has some friends in very high places - literally. She can be seen in the photo here with Giant George - the worlds tallest dog!

Being small doesn't mean that Boo Boo is cheap. For breakfast Lana must fix ground turkey with put peas in it to keep the little darling fed to her standard - dog food just never quite cut it. When it comes to walking Boo Boo is equally fussy and will only walk on carpet and the sidewalk - no slippery floors or unsightly grass stains here!

Tiny Dog Meets A Giant (Giant George that is)

They Are Not Called Toy Dogs Without Reason

One Drink And I Am Legless
One Drink And I Am Legless | Source

World's Smallest Dog Take Two

Not to be out-done by tiny Boo Boo, minuscule Heaven Sent Brandy also stakes a claim to a Guinness World Title. Heaven Sent Brandy is the world's smallest dog by length. Another female chihuahua, she measures only a total of 15.2 cm (6 in) from the nose to the tip of the tail.

Paulette Keller of Largo, Florida, says that Brandy hasn't grown at all since she picked her up. The tiny tot weighs in at a featherweight 2 pounds, and is so small that she can not bark. Imagine that - a tiny dog without a bark!

While cats always fall on their feet, any kind of fall would break poor little Brandy's frail legs. Eating only the smallest dog food Paulette can buy and mashed-up scrambled egg (because she can't fit whole pieces in her mouth) Brandy still produces plenty of energy. And because of her tiny size the elusive little pooch often manages to hide away under furniture.

Her title is constantly under threat of being taken away as new contenders put their paw up to take the tiniest dog crown. A Maltese puppy from New Zealand named Scooter was a shoe in for the smallest dog title at a mere 3.1 inches (8 cm) but alas he did not live to reach his first year - one year being the minimum age requirement for the title of smallest dog.

Other contenders currently awaiting confirmation are Milly, a Puerto Rican Chihuahua and Lulu, a British chihuahua. Not forgetting Beyoncé a rescue puppy born to a beleaguered Dachshund mix.

The point being that almost every day there are rumors of another contestant to the smallest dog in the world crown - if the dogs live to be old enough. Perhaps you have toy puppy of your own ready to make a bid for the title?

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