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Spoiled Dog: Signs, Effects and Prevention

Updated on March 2, 2016

Is your dog spoiled?

Taking care of your dog is essential in raising your pets but just like parenting in humans, over indulging your pet may harm the character of your pet. Here are some signs that you are spoiling your dog:

1) Your dog poops and pees every where he/she wants - This is one of the most visible signs that your dog is spoiled. If your dog poops and pees on undesirable places in the house, this means that your dog does not respect your personal space. Also if your dog pees on almost every corner of the house then he is not just disregarding your personal space but your pet is also marking it as its territory.

2) Your dog plays, bites and destroys your personal belongings - This is one of the things owners hate about their dog. And it is also a sure sign of your dog being spoiled. Although it may be normal that your dog bites and plays with solid things, you must not let your dog bite on your personal belongings. The stuff that you often use will naturally have your scent all over it, if your dog tend to play, bite, and break these things then it means does not think you are its owner, it thinks that you are only its playmate.


3) Your dog barks, bites angrily at you - It is quite normal that your dog barks at you to get your attention but you must worry when your dog barks angrily at you and bite you until you bleed. This means that your pet does not recognize you as its owner and only think you as an equal or worse, your pet thinks that you are a threat.

4) Its hard to get your pets' attention - This is a severe symptom of a spoiled dog, your dog ignores you; how worse can it be? If you cannot get your dog's attention then no matter what you do you cannot teach your dog tricks, cannot tell your dog when he/she is doing something wrong and makes normal tasks harder such as feeding and bathing your pet.


5) Your dog eats food crumbs in the table or worse; he/she grabs food from your hand or plate (without your permission) - Another sign that your dog is spoiled, which is also the most common, is that your dog eats food that is not meant for him/her. It will start by eating food within reach whenever you are not looking and it will get worse until your dog eats food that you are still holding or food in your plate even when you are still looking.

6) Its hard to walk your dog - Your dog is pulling off the leash (to the point of dragging you) when you are walking him/her. Or if your dog stops whenever he/she wants and is (extremely) hard to move from his/her position.


Effects of a spoiled pet

Having a spoiled pet might look cute but its not really easy to coexist with it specially if it stays in your house. Below are a list of problems of having a spoiled pet:

1) Recognition problems - If your dog is spoiled then he/she will have difficulty and recognizing that you are his/her owner. Your pet will tend to recognize you as someone at the same level as him/her (like only a friend/sibling) which you do not want since it will make training your dog extremely difficult. Also if your dog does not recognize you as its owner then your pet may attack you if it feels any discomfort towards you which may cause physical injuries to both you and your pet. Finally, if ever your dog gets out of your house without you knowing, he/she may not come back.


2) Pet related accidents-
If your dog is spoiled then it is very likely to lead to pet related accidents such as:

Walking Accidents: This accidents happen mostly when your dog accidentally breaks free from the leash. If your dog does not recognize you as its owner the tendency of your dog is to run away from you and your inability to make your dog stop with just your voice can lead to vehicular accidents.

Food Accidents: If your dog eats whenever and whatever he wants then your dog might eat food that is toxic to him/her like; chocolate, garlic and grapes. Also your dog may ingest choking hazard substances which could result to fatal injuries.

Dog Aggressiveness Accidents: Inability to control your dog may lead to him/her to attack other people, your family or even you. Needless to say this could cause injuries to the attacked and the attacker or if you are dealing with a big dog then things could get more rough.

Home Accidents: Your pet playing with your personal belongings may lead to ingestion of choking hazards as mentioned before. Worse is your dog may bite on electrical devices or chords and may lead to electrocution.

3) House Disorder- As your pet is peeing and pooping everywhere, it is quite obvious that your house will look or smell messy if you do not regularly clean it. Also hard to fix up things can be destroyed by your pet and have it spread around the house such as pillows, trashcans, and tissues.

4) Unhealthy pet- Irregular food consumption, difficulty on exercise, and impulsive aggression can make your dog unhealthy both physically and mentally.


How to Prevent this?

Establish Dominance - This is the most important factor in keeping your dog from being spoiled. Establish dominance by being strict on eating schedule and make sure that your dog does not eat food crumbs on the table. Also use your angry voice whenever your dog does something bad, lecture your dog whenever this happens (your dog may not understand your words but he/she will surely understand that your mad).

Never Fall for the puppy face - Do not fall to your pet's puppy face (pitiful looking cute face) these will make your dog think that you are doing what he/she wants every time he/she does it which leads to, you know, being spoiled.


Discipline your dog (and yourself) properly - Do not, in whatever case, hurt your dog. Do an angry voice lecture instead, which is more effective. Remember, you will establish dominance, not fear. Also discipline your self; there are no cheat days. Make up your rules and be strict about it.

Give time for your pet - At the first place, as you got a pet, you should have made sure that you have time for your pet. Train him/her basic tricks, potty training and walk your pet regularly. There is no better way to establish love, loyalty and dominance than spending quality time with your pet. Treat your dog as a family member, treat your dog as if it is your kid.


Hit up the comments!

Do you have an experience of a spoiled pet? Then share it in the comments and tell us how you are coping up with it!


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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I agree with you. Although I own a cat, it behaves exactly the same as above mentioned