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Updated on July 25, 2010

A dog is a man's best friend. But once the dog go against his friend and master, the dog become the worst enemy. The rabies of the dog can kill. The rabies originate from the salivary glands, an ultra-microscopic organisms that attack portion of the skin bitten by the dog. If the dog has no immunization of anti-rabies in the early stage of his life then the risk is quite high.

As the virus already inside the body, it resides in the nerves while gathering forces, multiplies fast and ready to strike to the brain. These are fatal bites that will last 7 days after exposure. There are others that will last for 30 days and even a year. It depends on the potency of the virus that slowly conquering and dominating the systems of the body. When the virus started living in the brain and destroy the tissues contaminated by the deadly microscopic organisms then this will be the end.

A man with the disease is in pain in the area of exposure. A splitting headache felt. The bitten area is most painful and beginning to enlarge and redden.

It changes the behavior of a man. He become unreasonable and irritable. There were strange action and reaction without any reason at all.

A man bitten by a rabid dog is afraid of water. This condition is called hydrophobia. He has an agonizing thirst. Upon hearing the word "water" or directly seeing it, it brings to himself a severe spasms in his muscles, throat and ready to escape away from the source of water. He become very sensitive to lights and sounds and even air that passes his face brought him a severe convulsion. He is afraid of everything and anything even his own shadows that is contrary to his emotion.

He become a rabid-looking man that can no longer recognize anybody close to him. His ordeal become a torture to himself. His body started to be paralyzed. This is the beginning of an agonizing death. He can't swallow any food to his mouth. Nausea and vomiting are common. Then his breathing stops, his heart in silence, the blood circulation rest completely. He died in the moment of agony.

Rabies does not only confine to dogs. There are other animals who has the same potency of the virus... it can kill. The vampire bats is the carrier or rabies virus. Dogs and cats are easily transmitted by the deadly organisms from the carrier because they become the reservoir of this very deadly germs transmitted through a bite. The germs is in the saliva of other animals or directly from the carrier himself.

According to a veterinarian who knew fully well the habits of this disease, is that when someone was bitten by the dog or cat, it should be isolated and place separately for observation. The veterinarian will interpret the behavior of the animal if he has a virus disease. There will be signs within 10 days of confinement. If found to have the virus then the anti-rabies vaccine (pro-vaccination) is used to control the virus and eradicate the threat. It is very costly treatment because 1 vaccine alone cost too much and the ordinary person cannot afford to complete the treatment by acquiring several vials of the vaccine during the duration of his treatment.

The best remedy to avoid rabies is to immunize the dog with anti-rabies while they are still young. Even if it can bite a human, there's no longer a threat even if bitten. Another precautionary measure for the owner of the dog to lock the cage of the animal. It should not be allowed to room around the surrounding especially if already noted of his behavior to bite. Neighbors and other persons near him may become a victim if they are not careful dealing with the animal nearby.

Any suspicious-looking rabid dog rooming in your place owned by somebody or in the street should completely be avoided. Or be caught to protect other people's lives. A man bitten should be brought to the hospital immediately for treatment. If the place is far enough, the family should do the following:

-Scrub the wound of the bitten area immediately after being bitten. Use soap or detergent under running tap water to remove the virus that confine in the bitten area not yet penetrated deeply to the skin.

-Remove the foreign materials from the wound around to avoid immediate infection.

-Pinch the wound with plain water.

-Apply iodine or other anti-germ agents.

Don't delay. Bring him to the hospital for proper treatment.


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