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The Evils of the Philippine Dog Cage

Updated on September 17, 2017


The below is NOT a typical dog cage. It is clean, new and in good repair and it contains some nice healthy looking puppies. Mind you it is far from ideal...note the wire frame bottom, making it very uncomfortable for the animals to stand or walk inside.

NO...the typical cage would be the same size, would be in far worse repair and would contain one or two adult dogs. These unfortunate animals will be confined in their cell for as long as 24 hours a day.

Why Philippines?

I really had to give them a name and they are in very common use in the Philippines.. These cages are in use all over Asia. I have seen them in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and China. The country where they seem to be least common is Vietnam. In Vietnam most of the dogs appear to run free. They are treated well by people and look in good condition. Apart from having to fend themselves against the horrendous traffic they are mentally healthy too.

Because they are Loved

You may wonder why animals are kept in such terrible conditions. It may seem strange then to realise that it is because the animals are loved. They really care for them. The owners don't want them running about, being hit by traffic or stolen to feed a hungry family. No they keep them locked up because they love them and know no better.

The Philippines Dog Cage is the norm. It is accepted. It is something people have grown up with. They are completely used to it. If they don't have one then they know people who do.

It is visited upon others

The Philippines Dog Cage is the reason why so many zoos in Asia are in such a state. Cages and enclosures for other species are modelled on the familiar. People are just unaware that the 'norm' is far from normal. If it is okay for a much loved dog then it must be fine for a monkey or civet or a whatever.

Davao Crocodile Road Show

What to do?

Educate is the answer. Not attack, abuse or denigrate. Show people there is a better way.


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