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The Huge Impact My Cats Made On Me

Updated on March 12, 2016

Keep Those Boxes, Your Cat Needs Them

Ethel Chilling in Her Box...RIP Ethel~ June 3, 2011
Ethel Chilling in Her Box...RIP Ethel~ June 3, 2011
Sullybug rest her soul, she loved sleeping on top of a box...
Sullybug rest her soul, she loved sleeping on top of a box...
And CIA loved flat boxes any way he can get em...RIP  1-13-2015
And CIA loved flat boxes any way he can get em...RIP 1-13-2015
Cleo Divine on her best behavior
Cleo Divine on her best behavior

Cat Love Is My Obsession

Many people are obsessed with cats, I know I am. I love cats. I definitely love my cats. Over the last 23 years I too have obsessed over my precious little cat friends. They have taught me many things, things about cat personalities, their demanding natures, their loving unconditional need for humans (somebody has to feed them and change the litter box). I would be a different person without having had them in my life. I suppose they have taught me how to love, love deeper than I ever have. So this is for you, and your love of cats.

I've had several cats over the years, as stated above. I have had some very eccentric cats to say the least. Ethel, my bossy, sometimes cantankerous 17 year old who passed in June 2011, my sweet, friendly Sullybug, who passed in April 2007 at 13 years old, my laid back old man Cia who passed January 13, 2015. They were my heart and soul for the many years they spent with me. I had a very hard time with the grief process when I had to put them each to sleep. They were very healthy one day and not the next. I now have a very aloof almost 3 year old Cleo Louise Divine who let's me know she rules this stomping ground.

Sully had internal bleeding that they were not able to stop with surgery. I miss my Sully, Ethel and Cia so much, they were my heart. Ethel died a very violent death. She went into seizures they were not able to stop, and I had to have her put her to sleep. So much sadness still remains for me. Cia, my not so demanding 20 year old went blind and deaf and the decision was terribly difficult to let him go. But I did so with love.

Their deaths were a very sorrowful time for me, as we had been through some discouraging, and exciting times together. I've watched them grow from little tiny kittens to old adult cats. I adopted Sully, Ethel and Cia when they were just six weeks old. I learned the hard way about proper food, litter boxes, scratching posts, sleeping habits, and everything in-between about cats and their behaviors.

Love, adventure and sorrow

In my many adventures I adopted a few strays that I found homes for along the way. I traveled a lot over the years and the cats always adapted rather well. They were spayed when they were just kittens, they even learned to walk on leashes. They did not go outside without supervision. They were always indoor cats, I did not live in locations where they could roam around on their own. They did enjoy the sunshine hanging out on the balcony of my apartment building though.

Over the years I would jot down things they did, like eating habits, what they liked and didn't like, litter habits, fighting, hissing, I would ask my veterinarian a lot of questions if there were some odd behaviors I didn't find answers for. I also subscribe to several magazines and read a lot of books about cats. The library and the internet are great sources of information as well. I did exhaustive research about some of the odd behaviors my little cats presented on many occasion. Like marking territory, suckling and hiding. All of which all my cats did.

My darling Cia was persistent at scratching furniture, as is Cleo Louise. Cia would scratch on absolutely everything, to the point of ruining my sofa. As Cleo Louise has tried. Cia's sister Sully scratched as well but she was easier to break the habit than Cia, he just didn't want to leave that sofa alone. I tried all the suggestions, cat houses, forts, tape on the scratch areas, everything. Then one day I had a couple boxes sitting around because I had just moved.

A few of them were broke down flat. Well Cia came zipping out of the litter box, went straight to that flat cardboard box and scratched his heart out. He never scratched my sofa or another piece of furniture again. So I began lying small flat boxes in empty corners of the apartment, and to my surprise they LOVED them. Cheap and perfect for a cat with claws.

I had tried those rubber tips as well, but he fought them, he chewed at them, he could not get use to them at all. I would never de-claw my cats under any circumstance, so I am so glad the cardboard boxes worked out well for me. They all loved boxes in one form or another. Cia was the hardest to train. Sully was the most loving and adapted the easiest. Ethel was kind of defiant, but learned quickly. Of the three Sully was the one who needed no prodding. Her behavior was perfect. Cleo Louise on the other hand still likes the furniture, but is adapting to the boxes and scratching posts. She also has an old wooden chair she loves digging into.

But reading and watching my four amazing kitties has taught me a lot of things about cats. And believe it or not, I have so much more to learn. I have to admit my dad seems to know everything there is to know about cats as well as dogs. So he is a great source of information for me as well. Every cat is different and unique. Each one has it's own personality, often making demands only a loving pet owner could provide.


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    • crazybeanrider profile imageAUTHOR

      Boo McCourt 

      7 years ago from Washington MI

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Yes Sully and CIA are from the same litter. Brother and sister. Ethel is one year older. I actually bought her at a Kroger store in Virginia for $10.00.

      You must try the cardboard, I don't know what it is, but they love it. Sisal is because it shreds and that's what cats like to do-shred the heck out of everything.

    • Scribenet profile image


      7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Enjoyed reading about your Furbabies; they look like they were from the same litter! So sorry you lost Sully! Losing pets is hard as any pet owner knows, they are family!

      My cat has his claws as well and luckily is fairly well behaved. I clip them, but they are still sharp...we have even done a pumice stone (he doesn't mind)

      I shall have to try the flat box idea...that would be great for both of us...he has a sisal mat he uses, not sure if it does anything on the nails...which reminds me, it is clip time!


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