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The Perfect Cat Bath in 9 Steps

Updated on July 19, 2010

Cats are natural bathers; they spend most of their time awake bathing themselves clean. Most cats are perfectly happy with this situation and do not like to change the natural order of things. So when a human suggest that a cat needs a bath watch out they will get offended easily. Every once in awhile, our feline companion will need a little human help in this area to get a little bit cleaner.

This is where it may get a little complicated for the vast majority of us with feline pals. Cats have a tendency to resist the human assisted cat bath and will quickly become one of their least favorite interactions with you. They will communicate this with you in no uncertain terms very quickly. If you have tried to bath a cat in the past you know it is no easy task and you have the old battle wounds to prove it.

If the bathing dilemma ever comes up and you know your cat is much better off with a human assisted bathing it is a good idea to be fully prepared before you begin. This will help you and your feline friend find a much more common ground that will reduce stress. If at all possible maybe bring a friend along so one can hold the cat and the other can wash and rinse as needed.

Cat Bath Supplies

Have the following supplies ready before you start to bathe your cat:

1.    A small baby bathtub or a large sink will be needed to bath your feline pal.

2.    Soft wash cloth

3.    Clean Dry Towel

4.    Cat shampoo you can pick up at a local pet store that is specifically made for cats (please don’t use human shampoo this can harm your cat)

5.    A large glass or jug filled with Luke warm water

With your supplies in hand and your umpire suit on to minimize any collateral damage you are ready to bath your cat.

Here are the Nine Steps for the Perfect Cat Bath

When you are ready for the task, here are the steps you should take to give your cat a bath:

1.    Fill the tub or wash basin with about 5 inches of luke warm water

2.    Test the water to make sure it's warm, but not too warm.

3.    Kind of like a bubble bath add a little of the cat shampoo in the tub

4.    While holding your feline friend carefully place him firmly in the tub

5.    Using the jug of warm water pour a little over your cat until wet 9 don’t get anything in the ears or eyes

6.    Massage the soapy water into your cat's fur from the neck down to the tail.

7.    Rinse the causing the same jug of warm water.

8.    Wrap your cat in a large clean towel and gently rub her dry as much as you can.

9.    Follow up with a kitty treat to let them know that the bath was a good thing.

While giving your cat a bath it is a good idea to talk to him/her it will let them know that your there. Make sure you keep a tight grip n your cat not to tight because you don’t want to hurt them just enough to let them know you’re ready for their escape.


"Sponge Baths" for Cats

For a less traumatic feline bath experience for you and them, or ones that are older and already have a personal fear of water. One thing you can do I to gently wipe your kitty with a warm wash cloth and will still get his/her fur clean. They may not need a full bath depending on where they have been.



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