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Things to Consider BEFORE Getting a Ferret!

Updated on August 24, 2010


So you want to add a ferret to your family! Congratulations! Getting a new pet is fun and exciting…especially if that new pet just so happens to be a ferret! When I was younger I shared a house with several roommates and one of those roommates had, you guessed it, a pet ferret. To this day I can clearly remember the amount of time my roommate spent with his ferret, Mr. Wiggles (I know, funny name…but hey, I didn't name him!). Why am I telling you this? Well, I feel that it is very important to hit home several points. For one thing, ferrets require DAILY CARE! They also have medical needs (which not only means finding a veterinarian that cares for ferrets it also means having extra funds available in order to pay the vet bills!). Ferrets also need lots of love and attention (just as a dog or cat would!).

Do Your Ferret Homework!

Before adding ANY pet to your family it is very important that you research the pet you are interested in. In other words, do your homework! The more you know about your new pet the better off you will be. After all, there is nothing like being prepared. Below are a few things you should consider before heading off to the local ferret breeder. Read each point carefully and make certain that you are, indeed, ready to add a ferret to your family! Oh, and one more thing, NEVER buy a ferret (or any animal for that matter) to give as a gift. Deciding to get a pet (no matter what type) is a very personal and important decision! Many people that get pets as gifts often end up dumping them at the pound or giving them away to a friend or family member…NOT GOOD! Read THIS if you would like a better understanding as to why pets are not good presents.

Ferrets need love and attention!
Ferrets need love and attention!

Things to Consider

Are you prepared to make a time commitment? As with most animals, ferrets NEED daily care! It is also important to note that the average, well cared for ferret, can live seven to ten years…that is something to consider! Animals are not disposable…and the ferret is no exception! If you add a ferret to your family, be prepared to care for him for many years to come. Daily ferret care includes feeding, watering and cleaning (of the cage and litter…also known as their potty!) and more!

Is time on your side? Your ferret will need your time…especially in the beginning! You will need to set aside plenty of time to get acquainted with your new furry baby. Once the honeymoon stage is over, your pet ferret will still require your time and attention (just as any pet would).

If you own your home…wonderful! However, if you rent, it would be wise to check with your landlord BEFORE buying a ferret. Many landlords don't allow pets. If you can't get in touch with your landlord...simply check the lease that you signed. Most, if not all leases, have pet clauses. It is also important to note that many landlords require a pet deposit.

Do you have a demanding job? If so, it may be wise to put off buying a ferret…at least until your job responsibilities slow down a bit. For obvious reasons, if you have a job that requires you to travel a lot, getting a ferret may not be the best decision. Even if you have a friend that can help feed, water and yes, even clean your ferret's cage…it would still be wise to put off getting a ferret until you have plenty of time to spend with him or her. Ferret's enjoy company and play time. If you aren't around to provide these important things your ferret could become depressed and yes, even lonely (and that's just plain sad).


Money! Money! Money!  As with any animal, ferrets cost money (and I'm not just talking about the initial purchase of your new pet). Not only will you need to spend money on regular veterinary visits (for both routine physicals and vaccinations) you will also need to buy plenty of ferret supplies. Ferret supplies include cage, food, toys, litter and more! If money is tight, it would probably be best to put off getting a ferret until your financial situation improves.

Older children and ferrets get along well!
Older children and ferrets get along well!

Do you have kids? If so how old are they? Older children are usually fine with small pets; however, young children are a different story! Young children should NEVER be left unsupervised with ANY pet (and yes, this includes ferrets!). This is for the safety of not only the ferret…but the child as well. So the million dollar question is, are you prepared (and willing) to monitor your child at all times? By doing so, you will be able to prevent accidents and keep your child (as well as your ferret) safe!

Do you have other pets? Dogs and cats that do well with other animals are usually fine around ferrets (if acclimated correctly). However, if you own a hamster, mouse or other animal that falls into the rodent category…beware! Ferrets are mousers (which means they like to hunt mice). So, if you own small rodents you MUST provide them with ferret-proof housing in order to ensure their safety!

Consider what type of pets you already have BEFORE adding a ferret to your family!
Consider what type of pets you already have BEFORE adding a ferret to your family!

Finally, it is very important that you check the state and local laws for the area in which you live. Believe it or not, ferrets are forbidden in some areas of the United States!

That's it for now my ferret loving friends! Please check back soon as I plan on writing additional Hub Pages loaded with fun ferret facts and information! Ferrets are not only interesting and adorable pets they are also hilarious and fun to play with. If you are planning on adding a ferret to your family, PLEASE do your homework and consider the important points above. After all, the more you know and the more prepared you are…the happier you and your ferret will be in the long run!

Have a few minutes to spare? Please read some of my other animal related Hub Pages! Also, feel free to check out my dog website! It is loaded with dog information, home-made dog treat recipes and much, much more!

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    • lessthansign3 profile image

      lessthansign3 7 years ago from Minneapolis

      Lots of excellent points! I already have my fuzzbutts, but there are far too many folks who impulse buy without knowing what they're getting themselves in to.


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