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Top 5 Best Secrets to Dog Training

Updated on May 11, 2011

#5. Have Dominance Over Your Dog

One of the most common mistakes that I see dog owners make is that they don't establish dominance over their dogs. This is a major flaw that must be avoided by all means, because in a dog's mind, you're either the boss of your dog, or your dog is the boss of you. So who's going to be the one in charge in this relationship you or your dog? The choice is yours.

How to Have Dominance Over Your Dog

Putting yourself in the top dog position isn't as difficult as it may seem. There are actually plenty dog training secrets which are easy and work very efficiently in creating the dog owners as the alpha in the partnership.

Here are a few basic dog training tips...

- Do not share your meals or food with your dog. This is because whoever eats first is the boss of the in a dogs mind. Whoever eats later carries the lower position between canines and people. If both you and your dog eat at the same time, your dog may become aggressive or bossy by trying to take on the alpha dog role.

- Groom your dog consistently. By grooming your dog on a consistent basis, this makes your pet have to submit his or her attention to you. When your dog submits this sort of attention, this will surprisingly train your dog to know that you're in the one charge.


The Yorkshire Terrier dog
The Yorkshire Terrier dog

#4. Say One Word Dog Commands opposed to Two Word Dog Commands.

Try to use one word dog training commands instead of using two word dog training commands . For example, say Lie instead of Lie down , Roll instead of Rollover , or Sit instead of Sit Down . Saying two word commands often times confuses dogs, so it's best to just stick with individual one word instructions.


#3. Use Positive Dog Training Techniques

There's nothing worse than trying to train your dog by using negative and aggressive dog training techniques towards your canine companion. Dogs are sensitive animals that are eager to please their owners. When you quickly go from upset to happy with your dog back and forth while training them, this sends your dog confusing and mixed messages. Plus, aggressive dog training tends to create a distrust between you and your dog over time.

Remember, if you want the process of training your dog to go by as smoothly as possible, use positive dog training techniques . Trust me; this will make both you and your dog have a stronger relationship with one another, while managing to actually have a fun time training your dog.


A Schnauzer dog - dog training secrets
A Schnauzer dog - dog training secrets

#2. Attend Dog Training Classes

If you've tried everything, but still can't seem to train your dog sufficiently, that's okay. Many dog owners just can’t seem to find the correct and comfortable way train their dogs. If you're one of these people, then I suggest you attend dog training classes, or if you have a little bit of money to spare, try attending a dog training school in your area. Why I personally love recommending dog training courses to owners is because of the fact that these classes are so interactive with both the dog owner and the dog itself packed with tons of helpful dog training secrets.


#1. Keep Your Training Sessions Short

Keeping your dog training sessions short and sweet is vital in order to teach your dog correctly. Dogs get bored easily, even when good dog treats are involved in the process. So my recommendation to you is to try and have dog training sessions that begin between 10 to 15 minutes at time. As your dog becomes accustomed to staying focused and learning, you can up the length of your training sessions.

So perhaps keeping dog learning sessions short isn't actually one of the best secrets to dog training per say, but many dog owners do forget this golden rule of dog training.



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