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Border Collie Dog Breed Facts & Border Collie Information

Updated on May 11, 2011

Border Collies are a breed of dog that originated from the Anglo countryside of Scotland located near the English border (hence the name Border Collie) back in the early 19’th century. The sheep herders of this Scottish countryside began to breed only their collies with the best of qualities. Roughly just after one hundred years of selective dog breeding the Border Collie became a unique herding dog breed of its own, aside from the rest of the Collie family.

Border Collie Mix pic
Border Collie Mix pic

The Border Collie Appearance

The Border Collie dog breed is considered to be medium sized dogs. These pooches' bodies are noticeably covered in a rich beautiful coat. Hidden beneath the border collies fur actually lies a quite lean and tone body frame suited for agility and speed. Other prominent features on border collies include their very long slender heads, their relatively far back placed ears, and their gentle looking irresistible faces. The Border Colle breed have deep, broad chests that slope up to thinner waists.

The Border Collie Coat

Border collies usually consist of having medium length double layered coats. The color pallets of a border collie’s feathery coat may vary with combinations usually ranging from the signature black and white, red/brown and white, merle, and tri-color coats.

The Border Collie Eyes

Just like their coats, Border collie eye colors range too. Although it's more likely for border collies to have brown eyes, there are still quite a few of these dogs who have eye colors like green, light brown, yellow/golden brown, blue, and baby blue.

the border collie pic
the border collie pic
black and white dog photo
black and white dog photo

Border Collie Temperament

Just like with any dog breed, the average Border Collie temperament vary from dog to dog. The Border Collie in particularly though has certain personality traits special to each of the individual canine companion dogs . Border Collies considerably have more complex personalities compared to most other types of breeds. Some of the more consistent personality traits of this herding dog include their love and need for learning new things and a seemingly constant want to work. Overall, the Border Collie temperament tends to be very stable and even tempered.

When looking atBorder Collies , you're likely to quickly realize that they tend to often carry an expression of question and wonder on their faces, which is mainly due to their long intention spans. The smartest breed of dog, Border Collies are also usually sensitive and extremely loyal, loving dogs that become easily attached to their owners, so it's important to always use positive canine training techniques with this dog breed . One should try as much as possible to not get angry with these Collies since they will likely lose trust and will be unable to rely on their owners and may perhaps develop some anxiety problems.

The Border Collies by far have some of the most affectionate and interesting personalities, but if you want your dog to really love and respect you, you have to give that same love and respect that you expect from your Border Collie to you canine companion. If you can do that, then you and your dog will more than likely become the best of friends; like they say, dogs are Man's Best Friend .


border collie herding
border collie herding

Border Collies Smartest Breed of Dog & Canine Training

Believe it or not, The Border Collie breed  is actually the smartest breed of dog, so smart that Border Collie dogs  actually have dreams, and (although not too common) Border Collies can even develop OCD! Thanks to these dogs' incredibly high rates of intelligence, they're capable of completing tasks and learning complicated tricks that other breeds just simply could never accomplish or remotely even comprehend. For those dog owners out there who want to train a dog to perform some of the best, rarest, and most interesting tricks, this dog may be right for you.


red border collie pic
red border collie pic
puppy border collie photo
puppy border collie photo

Border Collie Information

Interesting Border Collie Facts

This may come as a surprise to some people, but Border Collies are definitely not the dog breed for everyone or even the majority of dog owners . Border Collie dogs are actually so smart, that if they aren't given the proper stimulation, they get incredibly bored. If a Border Collie is driven to the point of over-boredom, these canine companion dogs can become very destructive. A Border Collie without proper care and given plenty of attention, will find other activities keep itself occupied in ways that you probably will not like at all. A bored Border Collie for example could tear a sofa up, dig into things, and become completely restless and annoying, to say the least.

Border Collie Exercise

The Border Collie breed were bred and still are bred to be active dogs, so these herding dogs simply are just active dogs. This is why this breed dog, are perhaps even the most popular breed of choice for dog agility competitions. Border Collies are speedy dogs with high amounts of stamina and endurance, making them a great dog breed of choice for experienced dog owners who have very active lifestyles themselves and are wanting a good canine companion dog as their jogging or hiking partner. Especially if you aren't the most active of persons, it's mandatory that collies have lots of space to play and run around. If you’re looking for a way to keep your pooch nice and fit, playing Frisbee with these dogs is always a great option to benefit both their physical and mental health.

The Border Collie Life Expectancy

Usually these dogs has an average life expectancy that ranges roughly anywhere from 10 to 14 years of age. These Collies pretty much live about the standard length life expectancy when compared to dogs overall.

Border Collie Dog Care & other Border Collie Facts

Border Collies like many dog breeds need plenty of love and care from whomever owns them. When feeding a Border Collie , make sure that whenever you decide to make it mealtime for your dog, that you feed them after you eat or have your sit down meal. This is because in a dogs mind who eats first is the one in charge. If your dog thinks that it's the alpha dog, it is prone to becoming aggressive when your pooch thinks that perhaps you have crossed certain lines.

Since this herding breed tends to have mildly long haired coats, you'll need to make sure that you give these canines a good sit down brush for their fur at least once or twice a week in order for them to look, stay, and feel healthy. Depending on the activities that your collie pertains in, will depend in how often or not you need to wash a Border Collie dog . If a Border Collie lives a clean lifestyle then you will probably only have to bathe it about once every two weeks. If your pup gets dirty fairly often from outside activities, then your Border Collie may need to be cleaned up a little more frequently than solely one bath for every fourteen days.

tricolor border collie puppy
tricolor border collie puppy

Border Collie Information - Man's Best Friend

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, but to no surprise many people consider their Border Collies to be much more than just their friends or pets, and for all in good reason. Border Collies are a breed of dog like no other, and if you treat a Border Collie dog with the proper care, respect, love, and attention then your Collie pooch can truly become one of your closest life companions and really show you man's best friend is really all about.


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