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Top 5 best Auto dog barriers : travel safe with your best friend

Updated on November 5, 2016
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The importance of a dog barrier

Taking your dog travelling in your car or SUV can sometimes be a nightmare. He will become so excited or scared with the new environment that prevents you from focusing on driving, putting in risk everyone in the vehicle and making a long journey feeling even longer : more stops, more looking back your shoulder,arriving at your destiny mentally exhausted and relieved .

Auto dog barriers are inexpensive very useful systems that prevent your dog from interfering with your driving, confining him to the place he is supposed to be in the first place, which definitely is not the gear box, your lap or licking the back of your neck.

Some of the important advantages of a pet auto barrier:

  • keeps your dog from nosing the back-seat

  • the dog is kept confined at a specific area of the vehicle which is the safest and most comfortable place for him to be

  • no more wet, muddy paws on the seats

  • safer driving as it reduces driver distraction

  • inexpensive

  • very easy to install

  • can be taken off as easy as they are installed

  • no drilling needed so the car won’t have heavy structures that give it a cage look

There are some good options available at Amazon , however some of them are not exactly barriers but systems that use your dogs leash to keep him quiet where you want him to be including the back-seat. Lets have a look on the top 5 best auto dog barriers for your car or SUV.

Highland 20045 Black Universal Pet Barrier

This barrier from highland will fit perfectly any car from a small utility vehicle to the big SUV. The parts are kept to a minimum making it very easy to assemble ( ten minutes is enough) and it will stay firmly in place even after many usages. It has a great look as if it was just another extra of your car and does not obstruct your rear mirror vision so you won’t even notice it is there.

If you have médium or big size dog this barrier will work perfectly fine . It is sturdy and made from good solid material so even if your dog tend to jump or put its head against the barrier it will stand still. This is very importante for the safety of your dog and your driving because it avoids distractions from the driver and also your pet getting hurt.

One thing you must do before buying is check the fitting first because some cars are designed with a dip in the roof , therefore you have to adjust the llegs have to be adjusted differently.

You should also be better going into a harware store and get some screws after you buy the product since the box does not contain all screws necessary for securing the cross members .Alternatively you can also buy electrical tape that will do the job fine.

Final verdict: a sturdy, strong barrier that fits easy and nice on almost every car/SUV, listed at amazon with a low price making it one of the best value for money options

Main specifications:

-Effective with all kind of adult dog whether is a Yorkshire or a Great Dane

-no drilling needed to install

-can be used up to 65 inch wide and 45 inch high

-heavy-gauge tubing build guarantees quality for thousands of miles

Outward Hound Back Seat Pet Hammock

Despite not resembling a lions cage, this pet hammock gets the job done when it comes to dog barriers. Basically it stretches all along the rear seats of your SUV/car , being the easiest and fastest system to mount ( less than five minutes is more than enough).

This solution is pretty efective creating a barrier to prevent your dog from climbing up front at the same time maintaining your vehicule interior look nice and sober.

It provides a confined space for your dog to stay, however this time he will travel on the back-seat. If this may seem a problem to floor mats and back-seat cleanness, the Outward Hound prevents that as it has proven to be effective protection against toenail damage, drool, even making hair clean-up easier as it could be.

The product has been updated recently to address some issues raised by custommers.

This new version has very easy to use clips: you don't need to take off the headrests to make it work. this way you can have passagners sitting nicely in the back seat when your pet isn't there without spending time adjusting the barrier like in previous versions.

Another cool feature is being waterproof: no water, mud, urine or other liquids will damage your car interior. This way dirt and moisture will not fall through the hammock. When the time comes to wash it is still very user friendly: just clean , hang to dry and its ready again.

Quick tip: If your car does not have backseat headrests use your seatbelts to tie the barrier, it will work just fine.

Final word: for everyone who rarely uses their back seats it is an effective barrier for a small\medium sized dog at very affordable price.

Main specifications

-55 x 58.5 inches

-Keeps hair off the seats

-couldn’t be easier to properly mount

WeatherTech 60010 Pet Barrier

A pet barrier that can be installed in less than 10 minutes , being adjustable for all kind of sized vehicles ( SUV, small car, Station Wagon). If your dog is strong and heavy this is the barrier you need to buy: made from heavy-duty telescoping tubing it was made to last, even if you carry 2 or more big sized dogs with you.

Working tight and stable , it adjusts in all the right places enabling a custom fit to any car/SUV you may think of.

Minor complaints from customers of this one include a little rattle due to a loose bolt, however an electrical tape is a quick and easy fix. This rattle is in fact quite common in all barriers but rest assured it will only be audible in rough roads.

Note:the extra third barrier piece is not included so if you want it you need to order separately. It comes with the third horizontal bar, and two metal poles which enable raising the entire barrier vertically just in case.

Easy tip: add some small bungee cords to hook the upper lateral extension to the hand grips in the rear seat section if you have a big dog, this way we will be a lot more stable and quiet.

Also make sure you check that adjustable horizontal bars are parallel to each other. It is also wise to check at the manufacture website if it is compatible with your car.

Made for: large dog breeds or any occasion when more than one medium sized dog travels together. The price is low compared to the everlasting quality this solid product offers.

Main specifications

-optional extension available for minivans and autos with folding seats.

-comes with rubber coated tubing that protects the interiors

-weights only 6 pounds

-assembling very easy and adjusted to any king of vehicle

Kurgo Automobile Zip-Line for Dogs

The kurgo Zip-line is a restraint system that uses your dog leash attached to a tether run that goes from one fixed point on the back-seat to another one in the opposite side. The great advantage of this system is it allows the dog to roam freely in the back-seat at the same time preventing him from touching\ disturbing the front seat passenger and driver. Another great feature is that you can attach Zip Line to the cargo clips in the back area of the SUV which is always safer and welcomed.

Its nylon webbing construction allows for good safety and durability and it is a very conveniente system to get the dog in and out of the car. The harness and z-line are very thick and sturdy, so rest assured they will last a long time.

Even for larger breeds the kurgo zip-line is a good option since it gives the dog a freedom of movements that make him feel uncaged and therefore more calm and silent.

Another great feature of this system is the operation of attaching and detaching the dogs from the zip line -super easy and nothing to do with the pain seat belt configuration commonly use in other products. Your dog just hop in the back seat, you clip to the back of the harness and ready to go.

Good for: up to 80 pound dog owner looking for a convenient and small gadget that is well built, solid and has many usages inside the vehicle

Main specifications :

-It can be purchased in two versions for different sized dogs: medium ( 25 to 50 pounds) and large ( 50 to 80 pounds).

-Package includes zip-line, leash and Tru-Fit Smart Harness

-Optimal safety and quality due to special nylon webbing construction

-Very easy to take the pet in and out of the car

Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier

This front seat barrier with Adjustable suspension system fits easily on all vehicle-sizes. It only needs a small place to fit and is the ideal solution to avoid access to the front seats as it blocks the space between the front seat and console. The great advantage of this product against its main competitors is the animal can see everything through the net while still contained in the back-seat which lowers their anxiety and front seat jump instinct.

While it works nicely for a well behaved dog, if that`s not your situation you should probably look elsewere.

Keep in mind that while working great for a smaller dog a bigger breed will eventualy destroy the middle support pole on the first ride specially if your dog is not that calm. If that`s the case try choosing another type of more conventional barrier like the ones listed above.

Another negative worth mentioning is the gap at the bottom that allows smaller animals to go underneath and pop up between back seats. So make sure checking every week or so just to confirm it's still pulled tight.

If you have a good control over your dog its fine as you just need to make him stay quiet in the back, however if you own a rebel-type yuo should think twice before going with the Solvit front seat barrier.

Quick tips:

.use the storage pouch will not using the barrier this way it will keep your car nice and clean.

.if the backseat is collapsed just secure it to the back of front seats

The most reasonable choice to: dog owners who usually carry many dogs around ; anxious pets that need to have a constant visual connection with the owner.

Main specifications:

-fits all on virtually every car

-incredibly easy to install

-minimum visual impact on the vehicle

-handy storage pouch included


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      3 years ago

      Well getting a pet is a big rsetonsibilipies Will U be getting it from a trustworthy breeder where you get to see the pup parents free from any disease which is inherited .I would recommend adopt dogs from home shelter rather than to buy a pet . Yes , Adopted dog are mostly matured dog .They tend to be in secured as their owner may had given up on them . But been the 2nd owner need alto of patience and assured them that they are loved.Please remember a dog will stay for at least 15+ .So think about the next 15 year, are you ready for him .What about when the mother is not free and need to travel, where and who would you placed your cute dogs?Dog food ,are you going to feed him with dry food or home cooked food ?Vaccine ,Bringing it to a vet if the dog fall ill .Which vet in your area is good ?training your dog .Are you bringing to obedience classes or you are training it yourself?you need to dog proof your home . You need to make sure thefloor are clean and all poison and health hazard plants are away from the dog .Buying child lock gates to prevent it from running out of the house and ended to be stray dog .And your other family member.How will they see the dog , will they love the dog or shun the dog ?And having a pet need a lot of PATIENCE AND LOVE .There is a lot of commitment and time needed in raising a pet.know your pet nature .The well-bred Bichon Fries is feisty, sensitive, playful, and affectionate. A cheerful attitude is a prominent personality trait. Most Bichons enjoy socializing with people and most dogs. Bichons may be relatively stubborn, but are also said to be patient. They may tend to nip gently in play. They may have sudden bursts of energy resulting in the blitz or buzz , where they race around in circles until they collapse happily onto their backs. They are great around children and also good watch dogs. They tend to be very friendly towards people even outside of the immediate family.Secondly ,then if you are buying a puppy ,you can start thinking of where should he sleep ? U can buy a crate to toilet train him . Place newspaper in the crate and let him used to paper training him.U have to set the boundaries especially when he is a pup.Bichons can also be hard to house train. A crate is usually the best method of training. The puppy should come to see his/her crate as his personal space so avoid using it as discipline for bad behavior to maximise house training potential.Because Bichons do not shed, they are suitable for many people with allergies; however human sensitivity to dog fur varies considerably. People with dog allergies should first visit with a Bichon to test their individual reaction before committing to ownership.Like most non-shedding dogs, Bichons are high-maintenance. They require regular grooming, which can be expensive and/or time-consuming. If you don't brush their fur, it will get matted and tangled.And there are also allergies or skin problem in dog .Surf the website for more information on your dog , or go your local library and read up on them , or buy books on your dog care .A pet is quite a big commitement . All the best and Hope your family will have a good time with your new family member !

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      It's posts like this that make surfing so much plsaeure


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