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Top 5 Hearing Protection ear muffs

Updated on March 4, 2016
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Why buying hearing protection earmuff?

When we are born our audition is in top condition and it has been demonstrated how babies and children have accurate hearing, being able of capture every sound the human ear can identify. As we grow older all artificial sounds and noises surrounding us corrupt our hearing capacity, reducing our quality of life and the ability to fully interact with others.

Hearing loss is usually cumulative over time, mainly because the exposure to high decibel noise producers such as routers, table and miter saws, sanders, nailers, etc.

To prevent this from happening it is essential to minimize hazards to our ears and the most convenient way to do it is to buy ear muffs.

The advantages of ear muffs

-high protection against noise aggressions

-cheap investment that anyone can make

-long term benefits to hearing quality

-very useful on industry and construction jobs to reduce hearing stress symptoms

At Amazon you can find high quality ear muffs that are very popular according to customer’s reviews and the list presented bellow represents the best value for money options available to buy online.

Peltor H10A Ear muff
Peltor H10A Ear muff

Peltor H10A Optime 105 Over-the-Head Earmuff

With lots of space available inside the earmuff, the Peltor`s are very comfortable and easy to wear, assuring comfort for an entire working day to the point a person forgets it is wearing them. Despite feeling very soft on your ears, protection is 100% guaranteed as hardly you will be able to hear someone talking to you while wearing them.

As a bonus they perform very well on cold days keeping your ears warm and comfortable.

Main Features

-Earmuff-style hearing protection

-CSA approved

-Capable Of a 29 decibel hearing reduction

-increased confort due to soft ear molds

Comes with oneset of ear muff hearing protectors (2 ears)

-Weights less than 2 pounds

Peltor H9A Optime 98 Over-the-Head Earmuffs


Very practical and easy to use these ear muffs match perfect with any heavy duty work journey, being very simple to slip on and off as the job requires. With adjustable head bands and soft earpieces they are very comfortable despite the cheap price.

For target shooting they also behave well reducing the loud bang to a soundless pop.

Main Features

-Enables up to 25 decibel noise reduction

-Great comfort due to special double low pressure   

-Low surface pressure is alleviated thanks to broad foam cushions

Howard Leight R-01523 Leightning L0F Ultra Lightweight NRR 23 Compact Folding Earmuff

From Howard Leight we have these compact folding design ear muffs that are very light. Despite not being as good as the Peltor models, they do the job well providing accurate protection against aggressive environment noise.

Main Features

-Compact folding design for easy movements

-Padded headband enables comfort for many hours

- Robust durability thanks to Steel wire construction

Dewalt Ear muff
Dewalt Ear muff

Dewalt DPG62-C Interceptor Protective Safety Earmuff

The Dewalt ear muffs come with compact folding for easy storage, at the same time keeping ear cups clean from dust or debris. As for the user experience, they are very comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time.

Main Features

-Noise reduction rating up to 29 decibel

-Cushion pads for maximum comfort

-Weights less than 2 pounds

Peltor Junior Ear muff
Peltor Junior Ear muff

Peltor 90554 Junior Earmuff, Blue

Ever wondered how to take your kid to your work place for convenience without putting his audition at risk? The Peltor Junior earmuff solves the problem. It is specially designed for small heads, allowing a great protection for children so their almost perfect ears stay out stay that way. The adjustable headband allows for perfect fit, while the vivid colours enable kids to appreciate it even more.

Main Features

-Very comfortable liquid foam ear cushions

-Stainless steel headband 100% adjustable

-Also good to take kids for hunting protecting them from gunshot blast

-Enables noise reduction until 22 decibel




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