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Updated list of Dangerous foods and household items for dogs.

Updated on August 25, 2011


Having a dog in your home can be similar to having a child. Responsibilities come with having a pet just like having a child. You have to feed and water your animal, and make sure you let it out for restroom breaks. You also want to make sure you give your pet plenty of love and lots of good exercise.

No different than when you have a child in the home; you need to be aware of household dangers, and or food allergies. Your pet is your child and can get extremely sick and even die if not taken care of properly. According to the ASPA more than 130,000 cases of animal poisoning were called in for the year 2007, and it is still growing.

I personally have a little pug. My daughter likes to take the backs off the remote for the batteries. My little dog got hold of the battery and ingested some of the material. I didn’t realize how dangerous batteries were to a dog. I had to take the dog to the emergency room where they had to check for battery acid and ingestion. The dog lived but was treated for 2 weeks of medication. Needless to say after this- I wanted an update list of all the dangerous items that my dog could get into. I didn’t want my dog to die the next time, or be stuck with a big vet bill. Please see the updated must have list for your home. I would suggest you print this out and save it for a reference. I also listed below the animal poison control number in case you need it.

The no food list.

No Grapes, raisins etc.

No Garlic minced or powder.

No onions or onion powder.

No avocados

No chocolate light or dark.

No tea/ coffee brewed or grounds.

No yeast, or homemade bread with yeast.

No alcohol. Any kind can lead to sickness or coma

NO tick/ tacks, and or sugarless gum

No fruit seeds. Especially peach seeds, and or avocado seeds

No Green Tomato stems. Wire your garden.

No macadamia nuts

No milk- dogs are lactose intolerant. Only give milk in case of poisoning.


NO Tylenol/ aspirin. Dogs do not have the enzyme to break such down.

No breath mints. Most contain the sweetener that than kill your pet.

No cold/flu medicines

No antidepressants

No diet pills even if your dog is over weight.

No vitamins. Dogs cannot digest these.

Absolutely no human medications can be given to a dog even in small dose.

Basic household hazards:

Ant poison

Fly bait


Liquid potpourri

Slug and snail bait

Rat poison

Fabric softener

Solvents/ detergents

Drain cleaners/ lime scale removers.



Paint thinner.


Batteries any kind.

Citronella candles

Swimming pool treatment supplies

Ice melting products/ like salt etc.

1982 pennies (high amount of zinc)

Glow jewelry.

Holiday hazards

Toilet bowel water with blue bleach cleaner additives.

Electrical cords if ingested.

Tinsel or packaging ribbon. This can get lodged inside organs.

Christmas tree water. Bacteria

Christmas tree glass ornaments.

Hazardous Plants indoor or outdoor.

Holly halk


English ivy



Tulip bulbs


Elephant ears



Green eucalyptus

Any of the following items can make your pet extremely ill, or in some cases death. In case of any injection of the following products please call the poison helpline at 1-800-213-6680. They can direst you over the phone on what you need to do in an emergency before the animal sees the vet.

Common poisonous plants.


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    • profile image

      Memories1932 6 years ago

      Thanks for this very important and informative hub. We can never be to careful with our fur babies. They depend on us for their well being and we must always make sure that they are safe. Take care.